In the West the God of Love is many regularly illustrated as a winged boy with a bow, periodically blindfolded. Here is an excellent example, at the exceptionally optimal of one of Botticelli’s many symbolically complicated works:


Botticelli, Primavera / Allegory of Spring, c.1482, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The Greeks dubbed him “Eros,” which means “intimate love,” but their version of his story as among the initially gods has actually been reput by the Romale version, which defines the God of Love as a little boy, the kid of Venus, the Romale Goddess of Love. Renaissance artists offered his Romale form for incentive, and he proceeds to be stood for that method today:


Cupid Clip Art

The Romans called him “Cupid,” which implies “desire,” and offered him the nickname “Amor,” the Latin word for Love. Each one of his attributes or characteristics reveals one facet of love and also deserve to be watched either as positive or negative.

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Cupid’s most necessary attribute is his bow and arrows. He always has actually arrows made of gold, and also periodically likewise arrows made of lead. If he shoots someone in the heart via a golden arrowhead, that perchild will fall in love with the first one they watch. That is the origin of the arrow-through-the-heart symbol, definition someone is in love:


If Cupid shoots someone through a leaden arrow, then that person will certainly never be in love through the one they see after being swarm. Here is Cupid as much as no excellent, via his bow and both kinds of arrowhead on the floor:


Jacques-Louis David, Mars Disequipped by Venus — detail, 1824, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

While some think the arrows recurrent the fact that love harms, they have the right to also be seen as the symbol of the pangs one feels as soon as falling in love.

But why is Cupid a small boy? Due to the fact that, prefer most boys, love is mischievous. Love plays with people’s hearts like a boy plays through his toys, without reasoning of the after-effects.


Pompeo Batoni, Diana and Cupid, 1761, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Cupid also always has wings. Is it because some lovers are choose birds and conveniently fly away? Or is it because love provides you wings? Aget, that relies on your allude of check out, and your experience, yet the wings are constantly there:


Alfred Gilbert, 1893, Shaftesbury Monument, Piccadilly Circus, London — Source: Tumblr user Antonio-M

Cupid’s blindfold is additionally variously construed as positive or negative. For some, “love is blind” suggests that appearances don’t issue in true love. For others, the blindness indicates that human being in love don’t know what they’re doing, or that love is careless and unmanaged.


Piero della Francesca, Cupid Blindfolded — detail, c.1460, Basilica di San Francesco, Arezzo

In the finish, Cupid has all those qualities bereason love is regularly thshould be irrational, painful, blind, playful, uplifting, and a lot more relying on exactly how you check out it.

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The allude is that Cupid represents love in all its forms, with all its complexities and also contradictions.