Starray Coins are a form of currency in Destiny that you have the right to trade in for the finest tools. These Exotic weapons can be purchased from the Babsence Market in exchange for "Starray Coins" however timing is necessary bereason the vendor just shows up on specific days.A lot of players discard their coins ssuggest bereason they do not understand the prominence of Stvariety Coins in Destiny. These suckers are an excellent means to get your mitts on the Exotic tools that everyone"s talking about so make sure you save them up.A last note before the details. Strange Coins really come right into play as soon as you reach Level 20 and also you start progressing your Light Levels. Without a high level you"ll find it difficult to partake in the weekly heroic or the higher level Strikes on Venus. So if you"re a lower level, store playing and also stash away those Coins as soon as you come throughout them....they"ll be waiting for you when you reach the 20"s.Tip: Looking for the finest way to acquire Coins? See this new approach to obtain unlimited Stselection Coins from Xur

How to earn Stvariety Coins?

Everyone"s asking wright here carry out I spend my Stselection Coins!? Patience civilization, all excellent things to those who wait.

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The Black Market seller just appears at the weekfinish, Friday morning is the begin time (Europe time) and he"s gone by Sunday morning.
This offers you sufficient time to earn Coins midweek and then spfinish them on Exotic weapons all set for the following weeks Raid. Remember you can just equip one Exotic weapon and also one Exotic piece of Armour at a time.
You"ll discover the Black Market seller at the Tower together with the other Vendors yet this male is downstairs in the reduced level (precise location tutorial additionally down). His name is Xur, The Agent of the Nine
and he sells Exotic weapons, gear and also Exotic Engrams. You"ll require a minimum of 7 Strange Coins to buy anypoint.Update: Xur will be in a various area every week, yet he will constantly be in the Tower.

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Important: Xur sells one piece of equipment in each class, in a random slot. This gear refreshes eexceptionally week giving you the opportunity to view/buy different sets eextremely weekend. He likewise sells customizations for your Speeder Bike such as drift and also speed, and also Exotic Engrams for a possibility to gamble your means to Exotic equipment in exadjust for Motes of Light.

Location of the Xur, Agent of Nine

From the Tower spawn suggest follow these steps:Week 1 (12th Sept - 14th Sept)
1. Head in the direction of the Bounty board2. Go dvery own the stairs under the Bounty board3. Once you reach the lower level hall, revolve and also face left4. The Agent of Nine have to be in front of youSelling:No Back-up PlansMask of the Third ManSunbreakersRed DeathWeek 2 (1ninth Sept - 21st Sept)1. Turn left and head towards the Tower North2. Follow the corridor downstairs and to the left3. Head towards the Sheight and also Xur is downstairsSelling:GjallarhornLucky RaspberryHelm of Inthe majority of LightSunbreakersWeek 3 (2sixth Sept - 28th Sept)1. Turn ideal and head towards the Tower Hanger entrance2. Follow the corridor dvery own to the Hanger3. Go straight at the bottom of the stairs in the direction of the Future War Cult4. Xur is at the back of the room close to the seatsSelling:Chest of Alpha LupiKnucklehead RadarApotheosis VeilSuros RegimeWeek 4 (third Oct - fifth Oct)Found near the 3 Vanguard mentors, in the hall below the Bounty Tracker.Selling:Red Death (23)Helm of Saint-14 (13)Achlyophage Symbiote (13)Sunbreakers (13)Exotic Helm Engram (23 motes)Week 5 (10th Oct - 12th Oct)Found beside the Speakers room, over by the railings.Selling:Helm of Inmany Light (Titan Helmet) - 13 coinsLucky Raspberry (Hunter Chest Armor) - 13 coinsVoidfang Vestments (Warlock Chest Armor) - 13 coinsIce Breaker (Exotic Special Weapon) - 17 coinsEngram (Helmet type) - 23 Motes of LightWeek 6 (17th Oct - 19th Oct)First right at the Hanger entrance.Selling:The Armamentarium (Titan Chest Armor) - 13 Starray CoinsAchlyophage Symbiote (Hunter Helmet) - 13 Strange CoinsLight Beyond Nemesis (Warlock Helmet) - 13 Stselection CoinsTruth (Rocket Launcher) - 17 Starray CoinsExotic Engram (Body) - 23 Motes of Light