"s acquired isobars on the map. They"ll aid you much better forecast wind speed and also direction. The foreactors reflects isobars for 10 days.

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To activate the layer, open up the map and also press the isobar authorize in the ideal top edge.


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What is an isobar?

Atmospheric press is the press of air on the Earth"s surconfront.

It"s reduced in areas with warmer air and also vice versa. Air masses constantly tend to move to reduced pressure areas.

Points via the very same atmospheric press on the map are associated with lines – isobars. The air tends to relocate to a lower pressure location making use of the shortest means - at a right angle to the isobar. The perpendicular is referred to as a normal line.

Wind and also isobars

The pressure distinction is the just point speeding wind up. The much faster the press changes from spot to spot, the higher the wind speed is. All the various other pressures, such as friction, only reduce wind speed and/or readjust its direction. You deserve to monitor the wind in genuine time on live wind map.

The wind would certainly be perpendicular to the isobar if the Earth wasn"t spherical and rotating around its axis. But instead, all relocating objects, consisting of wind, are topic to the affect of the so-dubbed Coriolis pressure.

It deflects wind from the normal line to a certain angle. In the Northern Hemispbelow air is rotated clockwise (to the right) and in the Southern - counterclockwise (to the left) via referral to the movement direction.

The friction in between air and sea is reduced, that"s why it"s deflected more there. The angle is generally 40-50° above land also and can reach 70-80° above sea - then the wind blows practically alengthy the isobar.

If isobars are cshed to each other

The greater the pressure difference between two locations is, the greater the wind speed is. That"s why isobars that are close to one an additional expect high wind speed.


Isobars on the"s map

Cyclones and also anticyclones (H and also L)

L on the isobar map is a cyclone via a low-push area in the circle. A cyclone suggests cloudy and also rainy weather.

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H is an anticyclone via a high-pressure location in the circle. Anticyclone means calm and sunny weather.

In the Northern Hemisphere:

• Wind relocating counterclockwise about a low-push area (L)

• Wind relocating clockwise roughly a high-push location (H)


Cyclones and also anticyclones on the"s map

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