We all reach those breaking suggest moments. The ones wbelow we must ask ourselves why we bother to persist in our preferred area (commonly shelp area not having actually anything to perform through what we originally assumed can be profitable in a post-collegiate world. Then again, assuming everyone goes to college now is a lot like assuming everyone is right and/or liable to put marriage on their list of life goals). It is in these instances of bleak rock bottomness that those exposed to the unrecognized requirement dubbed Film 101 (tragically in the future to be diminished to somepoint prefer Internet Series 101) in their formative years can’t help yet see the words, “SURRENDER DOROTHY” flash in the sky of their mind’s eye.

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Written with a broom by the Wicked Witch of the West, much better known as an allegory for life as it comes to constantly wanting to fuck you over using throwing totally uncrucial hurdles in your currently encumbered course, the warning bears a shocking similarity to the very core of average day-to-day existence as it obstacles every humale being via the question (posed even more palatably for its tonelessness in a The golden state accent), “I suppose favor, wouldn’t it be so much less complicated if you just died?” (surrendering is, after all, the ultimate euphemism for death–also though, rather antithetically, the original message in the test screening of the movie read, “SURRENDER DOROTHY OR DIE –W W W”).

But each day, so many kind of still, against all odds, control to urge, “No. I will not surrender. There has to be a motherfucking answer in the Emerald City. A light at the finish of the tunnel dubbed the Wizard of Oz’s lair.” Alas, before you even realize that that’s definitely not the instance and also just an additional sham among the many peddled to you for the sake of maintaining you going, the Wicked Witch of the West will certainly forewarn you in this grandiloquent way that you’re a lot better off offering in to the babsence abyss of the great beyond while you still have even a modicum of your dignity left rather of doing a fake floating head’s bidding (emblematic of the perkid paying you to do something you hate)–and one who can’t also provide you what you asked for in real so a lot as “symbolic” create by the finish of your trying and also embarrassing ordeal.

Nonetheless, all manner of winged monkey-representative obstacles will still someexactly how not manage to dissuade you from never before leaving Kansas again (this being a reflection in the contemporary time of the millennial bed and also bedroom, an end all, be all space for achieving the just amount of solace tbelow is in this life: isolation from the exterior world and all the high and mighty baby boomers remaining in it).

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No, choose Elizabeth Warren, nevertheless you persist, and also perform not adhere to “surrender Dorothy.” Because, in the end, what excellent will certainly come out of surrendering anyway? You’ll be “gently” taken toward that light referred to as offering in to societal press by providing up all residual desires from a time in your life that didn’t seem so Wicked Witch of the West-dominated? No, you could too go on your own terms and also with plenty of bodily thrashing for included bombast and also theatricality. Since, when you look closely sufficient at the ominous warning, it’s basic to watch that it’s simply black ink spouted from a hypodermic needle (as if the movie necessary any even more sinister behind-the-scenes “touches” beyond the solidification of Judy Garland’s barbiturate dependency) versus a fake skies crafted out of a glass tank filled through tinted water. So you view, there’s nothing to be scared of (acomponent from Hollywood’s efficacy at production a false reality). Now if only you had the courage, as the cowardly lion eventually (somewhat) does, to think this were true.