I've been discussing new episodes of the D&D/Penny Arcade/PvP/Me podactors on Twitter, however since the third series draws to a close today, I believed I'd catch up, and then share some thoughts on the last episode.

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My last article took us approximately episode three, so…

Episode Four:

In this episode, the fight continues in complete against Thazin Stormbellow, guardian of the Ambershard mausoleum. That resting boar? No longer sleeping…

Episode Five:

In this episode, the members of Acquisitions Incorporated learn around the fatality and dying rules… but does it problem them, the boar, or the dwarf? They likewise learn that intimidating a bloodied enemy might force that enemy to surrender… may. And ultimately, they learn the can of a solo monster—essentially, 4 monsters wrapped in one.

Episode Six:

Acquisitions Incorporated prepares for their ultimate fight versus Leer of the Ambersdifficult Dwarves. As they technique the upper chambers, will they simply bust in and also take the guards out? Or quietly bar the various other doors, and also take a sneakier approach?

Episode Seven:

What's left, yet for Aeofel to throw his dagger at the fleeing Leer… and he's thankful he did, despite absent. For the dagger hangs in midair, as if suspfinished in something… unviewed.

Episode Eight:

"At leastern you're not in the acid pit…."

All caught up? If you're prepared, follow me previous the jump, where it's SPOILER-TASTIC!

Well, then. A image being worth a thousand also words:


So. Um. That didn't work out incredibly well for Aeofel, did it? I deserve to already hear the cries from various other members of the gaming tribe: "Never separation the party you dumbass!"

Generally, I'd agree totally, however here is wbelow actual roleplaying kind of result in . . . unforchecked out consequences. Allow me to explain: Aeofel is an Isolating Avenger. He is, in normal language, a zealot. Wbelow a Paladin brings comfort to the afflicted, the Avenger brings good vengeance and also furious anger to those who led to the affliction.

So, if I'd been metagaming, if I'd combined player understanding through character knowledge, Aeofel never before would have chased after Leer. If I'd adhered to the second dominance of RPGs (the initially being, "never pick up a duck in a dungeon") I wouldn't have actually separation the party. But Aeofel had actually sworn an Oath of Enmity on Leer. He had Leer on the run. Leer was bloodied and had offended Melora. That alone was enough to acquire Aeofel to go after him, however if tright here was any doubt, Aeofel had actually been implored by Binwin to "acquire him." Binwin was the only Dwarf in the 'verse that Aeofel actually chosen, the only Dwarf in the 'verse who could actually be a friend to Aeofel, and Aeofel was strongly loyal to those who were cshed to him. Aeofel kbrand-new that Leer was component of a clan that made Binwin's father speak drinking! So when you include all that up, Aeofel had actually no choice however to chase Leer dvery own, and end up in that acid pit. (And, to be honest, tright here were two damn awesome bits in tright here, prior to tragedy struck: the means Aeofel found the gelatinous cube and the means Leer triggered the traps was really cool.)

I haven't had a character die in . . . I'm not exactly sure exactly how long. Not because I was a teenager, and also even then, characters weren't dead dead, bereason we all kept locks of our hair in special jars noted "In case of death, break glass and also resurrect, y'all." But Aeofel is really, truly, I'm-totally-serious-about-this dead. He may uncover a way to come earlier as a revenant, yet if he does, he will be changed by the suffer. If it's at all possible, Aeofel will certainly be even more serious and also overly-dramatic.

Regrets? Well, obviously. My fuckin' character is dead, however he died doing what he loved, and also while it would have been nice to make some sort of heroic sacrifice, I'm happy that I stayed true to Aeofel's ideas and played him the method I created him.

When we finished the session, Chris Perkins drove me earlier to my hotel Aeofel's blood dripping from his evil hands, wbelow I met up via Anne, that acquired to spend the next 2 hours listening to me explain, in excruciating information, how Aeofel passed away and specifically what character death means to a gamer geek like me. To her crmodify, she didn't mock me, however given that she is a normal perkid, she wasn't able to totally grok why I was so upset.

So I got hold of my Blackberry, and I texted the following to Scott:


A few minutes later on, he replied:

We will certainly not remainder until we retrieve your heart.

"What are you doing?" Anne asked me.

"I'm sharing nerd-grief with Scott," I shelp. "It'll just be a minute."

For the following fifteenager minutes or so, this is the conversation we had (transcribed by Scott, bereason his Jesusphone kept the messperiods that my Blackberry deleted – thank you, Scott!)

Wil: Anne claims I need to have a candlelight vigil. I can't believe he's gone. Do you think Aeofel went to live on a farm where he have the right to play through them goddamn rabbits? Tell me about the rabbits, George.

Scott: He's with the Raven Queen currently.

W: He's in a buh-buh-better location.

S: His torpeexecute coffin soft arrived on the genesis earth. We're gonna completely search for Spock him.

W: He has actually been, and always shall be…your friend.

S: You dwarven bastard, you…KILLED….my SON.

W: Of all the Eladrin souls I've encountered in my travels….his was the most….Huh-HUMAN!

S: *Scotty playing bagpipes*

W: This is the finest nerd catharsis ever before. You are a true frifinish, Scott.

S: The doors slide open up with a swish. Uhura lets out a gasp. Binwin holds Aeofel's corpse.

S: "He remained at his post…as soon as the trainee's ran."

W: The way to grieve a loss of a D&D character appears to be by quoting wrath of Khan.

S: Certainly, captain.

W: We are SO going to obtain all KHAAAAAN on that dwarf's ass.

S: He vexxes us. He vexxes us and we will certainly have him.

W: Aeofel comes back as a Revenant, unites via Binwin and spends the rest of his life hunting and killing every last Ambershard dwarf for excellent justice.

S: Ha! I assumed you were going to say he tries to KILL Binwin.

W: …..

W: Oh, they more than likely have some stuff to job-related out first…

S: Gulp!

I'm sure it seems silly, more than likely because it is, but I really did feel a sense of loss once Chris sassist that Aeofel wasn't coming earlier (and death by acid pit is super duper added permanent in D&D, guys) and I really did have to talk around it via someone that could understand also why. I'm grateful that Scott was tbelow, and as I told him this morning, I withattract my oath of enmity and instead swear an oath of eternal friendship. Because while it's the majority of fun to blame him for killing Aeofel, we all understand that it wasn't actually his fault. Also, Scott is just one of the few human being in the human being I deserve to quote Trek with, and also it isn't weird.

In fact, Scott told me this morning,

Reading this chat log aacquire, I leave you with this….the one WOK thing we didn't touch on.

Omin Dran enters the lobby and sees the pit of acid. He gaps and also runs towards it. Jim and also Binwin grab him, holding him back.

Binwin: Omin, NO!

Omin: He'll die!

Scotty: He's DEAD currently.

Giggle. WIN.

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I hope we'll be doing another series of podcasts soon, not just bereason they're very fun for me to listen to (it's so weird to have actually it on my iPod, hear Scott say something funny, and then laugh at it together with myself precisely the exact same means I did 4 months ago) yet because it's so exceptionally fun for me to play through every one of them. Even though Chris killed Aeofel, he's a good DM who did some of the ideal NPC roleplaying ever. As evidence, I present: "Jim Winks." "How are your fatality scenes?" and "…who are you?" And all the fun we're obviously having on the podcasts? Well, we're not making that up; if I could play through these guys every week, I would execute it in a heartbeat.

So if there's an additional series of podcasts, and if I'm invited earlier, I'll absolutely play, either as zombie Aeofel, or as a new character . . . probably a Barbaric that tears off the heads of anyone that calls him "Al."