Supernatural: Eexceptionally Car Dean Drives Other Than The Impala Supernatural"s Dean Winchester is well known for driving his father"s black Chevrolet Impala, but the hunter additionally takes the wheel of some various other vehicles.

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Cars Dean drives in supernatural prius ford mustang
Everyone knows that Dean Winchester loves driving his Chevy Impala in Supernatural, however Jensen Ackles" character finds himself behind the wheel of many type of other vehicles over his 15 seaboy searching career. When Supernatural starts, Sam and Dean collection off in Baby, a babsence Impala inherited from their missing father. A few extensive repair tasks aside, the Impala faithcompletely carries the Winchester family members throughout their hunting goals, and the auto passes on to Sam after Dean is killed in activity, ending up being rather of a household heirimpend.

Like the Mystery Machine to Scooby Doo or the Ectomobile to Ghostbusters, Dean"s Impala will certainly always be the signature automobile of Superherbal. Unfortunately, the Impala is periodically out of action, or stolen by some especially brave villain. Occasionally, the Winchesters must strategy a mission through even more subtlety, rather than rocking up in their instantly recognizable Chevy, and in these situations, the only option is to leave Baby safely parked and jump in a various ride.

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Although Dean could feel unfaithful sitting in the driver"s seat of one more vehicle, Supernatural featured many type of various vehicles throughout its 15 seakid run. Here are all of them, as well as the episode they function in, and why they were used.

Dodge Caravan

Minivan in Supernatural
Needless to say, Dean isn"t overly impressed through many type of of his Baby replacements, and also his dissatisfactivity begins with style (or a complete lack of it) in Supernatural seaboy 2"s "Everybody Loves A Clvery own." One of Sam Winchester"s favorite hunts, the episode comes soon after a road accident that almost asserted Dean"s life, interpretation the Impala is still out of commission. Unfortunately, the just working replacement in Bobby"s yard is a minivan, which the brothers use for the entire episode.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Mercury in Supernatural
After Dean Winchester is resurrected by Castiel in Supernatural seachild 4, his Impala isn"t waiting by the graveside prepared for its previous owner to hop in. With Bobby refmaking use of to take his calls (believing Dean is dead), the revived Winchester brother is required to hot-wire a 1962 Mercury Monterey near a gas station, which he then takes ago to Bobby"s place for a reunion via his beloved Baby... and Sam also, obviously.

Toyota Prius

Jensen Ackles as Dean in Supernatural
If tright here is a fifth horseguy of the apocalypse, it"s sucount Dean Winchester driving a Prius. Toyota"s hybrid is renowned through environmentally-minded individual who aren"t willing to threat the perils of public move, and also is diametrically opposed to Supernatural"s Impala. Dean"s love for the Prius comes about after his memories are provided an angelic overcompose in "It"s A Dreadful Life," and also he becomes a health-mindful office worker.

Dean's truck in Supernatural
When Supernatural seachild 6 starts, Dean Winchester is desperately trying to ditch the searching way of living for somepoint resembling normality. Settled via Lisa and Ben after his brvarious other was consigned to The Cage, Dean is enjoying BBQs with the next-door neighbors and also has actually the Impala safely tucked ameans in his garage. To run around town, Dean has presented an every-man"s Ford Pickup truck into his subcity existence. The 1988 F250 lasts about as long as Dean"s promise to sheight searching monsters, and also the Impala soon roars earlier into life.

Similar to "It"s A Horrible Life," Supernatural seaboy 6"s "My Heart Will Go On" depicts an alternate reality for Dean Winchester, complete with an alternate mode of deliver. The episode takes place in a people wbelow Balthazar has saved the Titanic from sinking, which triggers a butterfly impact whereby Dean Winchester ends up driving a 1960s Mustang rather of a Chevy Impala. It"s an extra suitable alternative for Dean than a Toyota Prius, that"s for certain, but the Mustang is gone when normality is restored and the Titanic meets its fate as intended.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

If the Winchesters ever have to separation up, Dean traditionally takes the Impala while Sam arranges different deliver, however in Supernatural seachild 7"s "The Girl Next off Door," Sam Winchester picks up a situation with personal connections to his childhood and also heads off in Baby alone. Dean offers chase, normally, yet deprived of his signature motor, he opts instead for a Jeep Grand also Wagoneer. It"s a one-off ride that attributes only while Sam and Dean are temporarily estranged.

For the majority of of Supernatural seachild 7, the Winchester brothers have actually no alternative but to leave their tradenote Impala gathering dust. The villainous Leviathans use their shape-changing abilities to turn Sam and Dean right into wanted males, forcing the hunter siblings to run in secrecy. Since their Impala is currently marked by the authorities, a lot of of seakid 7"s adendeavors utilize different vehicles in each installment, beginning with the 1983 Pontiac Acadian in "Slash Fiction."

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Dodge Challenger

Next off up comes a 1970 Dodge Challenger in "The Mentalists." The Winchesters commandeer this retro runroughly to serve them throughout the seakid 7 episode, and also while the Challenger suits Dean"s love of the excellent Amerihave the right to muscle auto, he"s not overly impressed via just how the model was treated by its former owner before being "liberated."

Supernatural seaboy 7"s "Adventures In Babysitting" finds the Winchester brothers grieving the current death of Bobby Singer, yet a ready-made (if short-lived) replacement is uncovered in Frank Devereaux. While Sam functions a case, Dean heads to Frank"s place in a 1969 Buick Special Edition. How he acquired the vehicle is never presented, however given that the Impala is still a no-go, it more than likely wasn"t using legitimate indicates.

Plymouth Roadking

In "Time After Time," Dean Winchester goes on an additional timeline-bending adundertaking, landing in 1944 wbelow he meets legendary investigator (and trick hunter) Eliot Ness. Living out his best film noir fantasies, Dean even gets to drive Ness" 1940 Plymouth Roadking.

The Winchester brothers remain banned from the Impala in Supernatural seaboy 7"s "The Slice Girls" and since they can"t run on girl power alone, Sam and also Dean uncover themselves in a 1971 Buick Riviera. The auto is largely inconsequential as Dean hooks up through an Amazonian and conceives a daughter referred to as Emma that grows swiftly into a teenager.

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Mercury Cougar

Dean Winchester has actually been known to dabble through a couple of cougars in his time, but the majority of likely his favorite comes in "Plucky Pennywhistle"s Magical Menagerie." This 1973 version is one more momentary replacement for the absent Impala, and also serves the brothers well as they investigate yet another clvery own situation.

It was only a issue of time until the Winchester brothers ended up riding a Trans Am, and the moment ultimately comes in Supernatural seaboy 7"s "Repo Man." This 1977 Pontiac is checked out once Sam and Dean visit their old friend Jeffrey, that is being targeted by a demon the siblings thought they currently exorcised years prior. Throughout the mission to safeguard Jeffrey, the Trans Am becomes an useful ally and even carries a dog to (relative) safety and security.

Chevrolet Pickup

Another pickup truck to add to Dean"s collection after his seachild 6 Ford, Supernatural at least reverts to the show"s manufacturer of choice for "Out With The Old." Investigating a ballerina"s curse in Portland also, Sam and also Dean"s new Chevy can not be a patch on the old one, but it serves them well sufficient for this episode alone.

"The Born-Aacquire Identity" brings Sam"s inner devil to the fore, as Dean looks for assist for his brother"s satanic impulses. Still unable to use the Impala as a result of the Winchesters" status as wanted males, Dean rides in a 1970 Dodge Charger, the very same shadowy shade as his beloved Baby. This seaboy 7 episode reintroduces Castiel after among many type of deaths for Misha Collins" angel, at which suggest Dean reveals that he retained his friend"s signature coat to hand also all alengthy.

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AMC Pacer

A step ameans from Dean Winchester"s usual style, the 1978 AMC Pacer is offered in Supernatural seakid 7"s "Party On, Garth." The episode revolves about Dean and fellow hunter Garth battling a Japanese soul that deserve to only been viewed while intoxicated, however while the majority of of Supernatural"s Impala replacements have actually no noticeable definition, the Pacer serves as a glorious Easter egg for fans of Wayne"s World. In the 1990s rock comedy, Dana Carvey"s Garth Algar is renowned for driving an AMC Pacer called the "Mirthmobile," and Supernatural alludes to this as soon as Dean"s companion takes a liking to the new wheels. No "Bohemian Rhapsody" singalongs, sadly.

As well as the Pacer, Dean Winchester additionally drives a 1970s AMC Matador in Supernatural season 7. "The Girl With The Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo" marks the final time Dean would certainly be deprived of his beloved Baby prior to the Leviathans were beat and normal automobile organization might be resumed. Alas, the Matador is understandably outshone by the debut of Felicia Day as Charlie.

Castiel"s Pimpmobile

Sam is possessed by the angel Gadreel in Supernatural seachild 9, and also while their symbiotic connection heals the younger Winchester from a deadly wound, things conveniently go sidemeans. Gadreel murders Kevin Tran and takes off to meet the evil Metatron in Dean"s precious Impala - one of a number of times the automobile got stolen. Fortunately, Castiel had actually freshly procured a car of his own, affectionately known as "Castiel"s Pimpmobile," enabling Dean to pursue his adversary in this 1978 Mark V Lincoln Continental. The gaudy little number provides numerous appearances in later periods.

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The Impala is stolen aobtain in Supernatural seakid 12, and when more, it"s Castiel that stumps up a replacement. In "The Future," Kelly Kline is determined to give birth to her boy, Jack, without the Winchesters" interference. Since Castiel"s truck is broken (and also google has faicaused rotate the angel right into an professional mechanic), she escapes in the Impala. Dean has much better luck addressing the 1980s Ford than his magnificent best pal, and the brothers quickly catch as much as Kelly and the Impala.