Carlos Rivero was even more than just a UPS driver to Key Biscayne customers – he was a friendly confront who always took the time to talk and sell a smile.

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Putting a last stamp on a career that spanned 30 years, renowned UPS driver Carlos Rivero ceded his final package on Key Biscayne and also instantly reworn down to the comfy boundaries of Western Georgia, where he mirrors on the relationships and also memories developed in a village a little part of him will constantly consider home.

Last month, on a still winter night in the calm of the South Florida air, Rivero strategically made the last soptimal on a route he traveled twenty years in a row. But this time was various.

“In the morning, I was really emotional and that night I punched out at 10 at night,” he shelp, remembering his final day on the project minute by moment. “It felt great in a way and felt sad in one more means. I had blended emovements. It was an emotional week.

“My last distribution was at 1650 Ocean Drive,” Rivero ongoing, pautilizing between words. “I made that the last speak so I might go down Sunclimb Drive one last time ever before and additionally watch my great friends Mark, Cindy and also Logan to honor them for being so great to me.”

The truth that Rivero always took time to make a personal link through the human being along his course is what made him unique to the civilization on the Key.

If the UPS slogan “What Can Brown Do for You?” was asked of occupants and also business owners who encountered the 53-yearold through a flair for customer service, the answers would be, “Carlos Rivero has done plenty.”

One of the many stops the freshly reexhausted UPS male made wregarding the Village police department, where Madelin Lopez sassist Rivero’s personality and also occupational ethic made the difference.

“I have been right here for more than 18 years, and it’s constantly been Carlos,” Lopez shelp. “He’s super nice. You speak to him and also he’s tright here to assist you. He’s constantly extremely nice, incredibly pleasant, and also also when it’s really hot and also he’s sweating favor crazy he is constantly pleasant. And he is an extremely hard worker, specifically in the time of Christmas. He always has a smile and is always so sweet and also kind.”

Lopez said the department expressed appreciation for Rivero when Chief Charles Press took the moment to acknowledge the initiatives the driver has made over the years. “I understand the Chief wrote a letter of accommodation for him and every little thing,” Lopez shelp.

Even though Rivero only recently reexhausted, customers choose Alex Muniz at Key Pharmacy were quick to shower his career via praise. “He is a great guy and always went out of this way to aid everybody,” Muniz said, adding the pharmacy retained the UPS guy busy for certain. “We got packperiods from him on a daily basis. We’ll miss out on him.”

Muniz even obtained to know Rivero outside of work; “I actually played versus him in an adult softsphere league around 10 years ago; he was on the oppowebsite team,” he shelp.

Janet Mungia works at the Island also Shop, where she and her coemployees beamed when talking around their favorite UPS guy. “He’s so nice, and we’re going to miss him,” Mungia sassist. “The whole group below will certainly miss out on him favor crazy. We love him and also we know we will certainly never before have actually anybody prefer him aget. He is a very unique perchild.”

The appreciation world showed for Rivero runs wide throughout the Key with stories from inhabitants prefer like Eric and also Jane Stuart, that would certainly leave bottles of Gatorade in their garage for Rivero to give him a little of cool relief along his course.

“Ms. Miller on Greentimber would certainly always offer me somepoint to drink also,” The UPS driver remembered, reminiscing around all the kindness he got. “People took treatment of me; I guess they appreciate the organization.”

He said on his job he isn’t required to spend time through customers, but he enjoyed making the task more about relationships and people fairly than simply packages.

“I’ve checked out children thrive up and become parents; I remember Mr. Burke, that was a huge Boston Red Sox fan, he passed away around 10 years back, and he’d check out my truck and come out and talk about basesphere. He’d sit on the porch and also wait for me to come talk basesphere every day. I remember bit stuff prefer that,” he shelp.

Rivero’s journey to Key Biscayne started 53 years ago when he was born in Havana. His household moved to Miami in 1974, and he later on attended Miami Springs High School, graduating in 1983.

“I saw the military after high school; into the Army,” Rivero shelp, looking back at exactly how a lot he has completed over the years. “I was in the Screaming Eagles in the 10first Airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I was an engineer that blows points up.”

He and also wife Haydee raised 2 boys, currently periods 26 and also 23, who they proceed to guide via their early adult years, helping them navigate life discovering they have actually the support of their paleas.

Rivero has constantly been a supportive and also dedicated perkid.

While working on Key Biscayne, he made a day-to-day commute from his home near ZooMiami to the Rickenbacker Causemethod, watching the scenery adjust over the years along the method.

“I make two turns and also I’m tbelow,” he said, downplaying the difficulty of the drive. “But it obtained a lot harder over the years via all the traffic.

“The Key has actually adjusted a lot over the years, it was a snowbird tvery own through mainly civilization from up north that came down here. It was quiet. I’ve seen the majority of buildings come up choose the Ocean Club, The Ritz-Carlton, Oceana, so I’ve checked out most adjust.”

And readjust is what Rivero was in search of once he and also his wife determined to relocate to Austell, Georgia. His wife relocated there months earlier, gaining points ready for the household relocation; while the dedicated UPS man completed his career, departing Florida only days before Christmas, officially founding an additional chapter in his life.

“I choose it up below,” Rivero said about the brand-new setting. “We favor the openness of Georgia – it’s not favor Miami, where whatever is crammed together. We wanted a bit of a sreduced life. Miami is go-go-go-go, and also I wanted to acquire a ranch style home and also maybe a little bit of land also, and I can’t afford that in Miami.”

Rivero said he’ll take some time to rest and relax in his new setting, then start in search of job-related avenues to save him busy – he shelp he’s also young to do nothing.

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He admits retiring and also moving away from South Florida is still a little bit surreal for him, however wants the civilization of Key Biscayne to remainder assured he appreciated functioning on and also ending up being component of the Village – and he shall return. “After 30 years on the Key, wow…I desire to say this decision wasn’t as basic as everybody thought. It’s harder on me than anybody deserve to imagine; I’m leaving behind so many people I really treatment about and also will certainly truly miss.

“But I’ve gained my parents and my bothers and also nephews tbelow, so I’ll be back in Miami and I’ll visit the Key for sure. That’s my second residence.”