Ride On My Cooper, Dom & Cherry On Top, Heart of Rose Gold, Kung Fung Lightning are 4, limited edition shades of Wet n Wild Color Icon Loose Pigment that released with the Wet n Wild Sequins and Stardust Holiday 2016 Collection.

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I can’t recall Wet n Wild ever before doing loose pigments prior to but please correct me if I’m wrong!

Check out even more of my review below!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Loose Pigment come hooffered in a 0.07 oz jar with a dual-lid and also sifter. Each shade will collection you back $2.99 each so, they are a nice budget pick up. Pigments in general are a bit messy yet I thought this packaging made things a little messier. The major lid unscrews to reveal one more lid that snaps cshed. There’s no inner well for the pigment to remainder in throughout application so I shook a little amount into the lid yet this made points messy once I reput the lid. Normally pigments permit you to shake some into the lid yet as soon as the lid is replace the pigment will certainly loss into the sifter well. This does have actually a sifter however tbelow is no well for the pigment to fall right into so any type of excess ends up anywhere the area as soon as you following open up the outer lid. You can want to rekind to shaking a tiny amount onto your wrist and also dipping a brush in to it to protect against messy packaging.


Aside from the packaging I favored these. Pigments have the right to be messy yes, however they have the right to also develop some really pretty looks. These have the right to be offered on eyes, challenge, or even blended through a clear gloss to produce a metallic lipgloss of sorts. The formula is quite smooth and not chunky in the least. The apply extremely conveniently but execute have actually a little of loss out to complete through. I’d recommend using a MAC Repaint Pot or some cream base to minimize the fall out in the time of application and blfinishing. These are shimmery but the shimmer is even more refined and also not hardcore glittery chunks. They actually use through a metallic complete if you wet your brush for an extremely cool foiled look!


Wet n Wild Color Icon Loose Pigment Swatches (Dom & Cherry On Top, Kung Fu Lightning, Heart of Rose Gold, Ride My Cooper)

If you’re looking for some cheap Fall friendly eye pigments these are worth a purchase. Yes, they are component of a Holiday Collection but the shades are all exceptionally Fall friendly so you’ll have the ability to gain some very warm sparkly looks out of them appropriate now and also some excellent Holiday looks from them as well as the season grows nearer.



For $2.99 a pop you can’t go wrong.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Loose Pigment are obtainable currently at www.wetnwildbeauty.com or at drugstores.


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