One of the a lot of popular hair textures is our deep wave hair--and also for good reason. It"s reigns supreme in versatility and can go from smooth curls to kinky, complete waves all via the spray of a product.

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While we might spfinish all day talking about how gorgeous deep wave hair truly is, we"ll spare you the time. We"d rather display you than tell you about just how bomb this texture is and the endless possibilities tbelow are for styling.

Keep scrolling and gain these deep wave hairstyle photos for motivation on how to slay.

All hair is Deep Wave. For a much more coarse texture, usage Brazilian hair or Peruvian for a silkier texture.

Sultry Strands


*Brazilian Deep Wave in 22", 24", 26" via an 18" frontal. * Now!



Brazilian Deep Wave in 20" (2), 22", and 24" Now!

Short & Sweet



Brazilian Deep Wave in 16" (3.5) and also a 14" lace closure. Now!

Wet n" Wavy


Brazilian Deep Wave practice colored wig.

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Peruvian Deep Wave in 18" (2), 20" with a 14" frontal. Now!


*Indian Deep Wave in 613 Blonde lengths in 24" (2), 26" and an 18" frontal. * Now!

One last thing! Check out street team member
Beautybybb_'s Brazilian Deep Wave maintenance routine! #soimg.orgHair #WavesForDays #NoProduct #DeepWave #NaturalFormat #Maintenance #VirginHair

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