It"s week 5 in seaboy 9 of Fortnite and there is one more key fight star for players to collect if they have actually completed 5 weeks of obstacles hence far.

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fortnite fight star s9 wk5
As Epic Games prepares for a big Fortnite existence at E3 2019, Week 5 rolls on in Seachild 9. Yet aobtain, tright here are a series of challenges for players to complete and a new storm in a bottle item to play approximately via, but the ultimate goal is the Fortnite Seakid 9 Week 5 Battle Star.

Fortnite players deserve to find the Week 5 Battle Star on a mountain just outside (to the East) of Haunted Hills. Similar to all Battle Stars, it won’t end up being evident that the Battle Star is nearby till players get cshed, so it’s finest to land also as high as feasible and then slide dvery own. Presumably, you won’t have actually materials to construct approximately the star, yet if you land also too low simply chop dvery own a couple trees.

To be certain, Fortnite players desire to target the southern portion of the mountain, almost on the edge. Walk up cshed to the lip and you need to watch the Battle Star show up. Collect it to earn progression towards the Seakid 9 Battle Pass.

For those that are curious, completing 5 weeks worth of challenges unlocks a new loading display screen featuring a villainous character wearing a helmet. Looks a tiny like Fortnite’s version of Mysterio from the Spider-Man franchise.

It’s on that loading display screen that players will check out the works with for the Seaboy 9 Week 5 battle star composed on the rim of a Slipstream. B2, B3, C2, C3 points players in the direction of Haunted Hills, among the older, much less famous areas in the Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Perhaps Epic Games is trying to encourage a few firefights in the location by putting the Battle Star tbelow.

While Epic Gamings frequently doesn’t make any big announcements throughout E3, the studio still has actually a very large presence at the show. Like last year, Fortnite will host a Celebrity ProAm featuring a number of acquainted deals with in the competitive neighborhood.

Fortnite is obtainable currently for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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