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"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpgWe Fall Down"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpg is a song written by Chris Tomlin prior to his solo career as part of a number of Passion Conference releases in the late 1990s, and subsequently on Tomlin"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpgs dehowever label release, The Noise We Make and a number of succeeding compilations. It has actually been extended by such artists as Kutless, on their album Strong Tower, and II Guys from Petra on their 2007 album Vertical Expressions. This is not to be perplexed through the song likewise entitled "https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpgWe Fall Down"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpg, composed by Kyle Matthews and made popular by Donnie McClurkin. even more »

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We autumn downBut we gain upWe fall downBut we obtain upWe autumn downBut we get upFor a saint Is just a sinner that dropped down,But we couldn"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpgt remain tbelow,And obtained upWe autumn downBut we acquire upWe fall downBut we acquire upWe autumn downBut we acquire upFor a saint Is just a sinner who fell dvery own,But we couldn"https://soimg.org/we-fall-down-and-we-get-up/imager_2_7476_700.jpgt remain there,And acquired upGet earlier up aacquire Get back up againGet ago up againGet back up againGet ago up againGet ago up againFor a saint Is just a sinner that fell downAnd acquired up

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Donnie McClurkin Donald Andrew McClurkin, Jr. (born November 9, 1959) is an Amerihave the right to gospel music singer and minister. He has actually won three Grammy awards, ten Stellar awards, 2 BET awards, 2 Soul Train awards, one Dove award and one NAACP Image award for his job-related. more »

Written by: Kyle David Matthews

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