There are several concepts digital of means to ask to institution dances, however what around means to ANSWER to school dances?? ‘Or so she says…’ to the rescue! My earliest child is a sophomore and also simply obtained asked to his first college dance, the Fall Ball. The girl that asked him did it in such a cute method. Now, it’s his turn to answer. It sounds choose the ‘answering’ part isn’t a legacy in all says, from what I’ve gathered. But, it definitely is a tradition here in Utah. Sindicate saying ‘yes’ is method also boring. It requirements to be clever before and fun, and we’ve had lots of fun coming up with these 25 artistic methods to answer to college dances. I hope they assist you out! If you’ve answered in a neat method, be sure to share in the comments!



COKE/MINT MENTOS (Combined, they fizz/explode.): I would certainly have a “blast” with you at the dance. Yes!


POPCORN: I’m glad you “popped” the question. Yes!

FILL CAR/ROOM/LOCKER WITH ROCKS & POP ROCKS: Going to the dance through you would “rock!”

BASKETBALL: I completely “scored” gaining asked by you. Yes!

BEAR: I couldn’t “bear” the believed of going with anyone yet you. Yes!

BALLS: I’m bouncing off the walls excited to go via you. Yes!


SWEET TREATS: It would certainly be “sweet” to go via you! (These grapefruit gummies are so yummy!!)

BOXER BRIEFS: I’ll be brief… Yes!

SODA: I would certainly be “soda-lighted” to go to the dance via you!

GUM: I’m so happy you would “chews” me. Yes!

HIGHLIGHTERS: It would be the “highlight” of my life to go to the dance with you!

R/C CAR: (Wbelow your date can’t watch you, drive the auto to them with the ‘Yes’ message attached.)

DONUTS: I “donut” desire to go to the dance through anyone however you. Yes!

DUMBBELL: I’ve been “weighting” for you to ask me. Yes!

TOY ARMY FIGURES: It would certainly take an army to store me from saying yes!

CHICK-FIL-A: There’s no chick I would fairly go through. (Or, ‘this “chick” would certainly love to go!’) * Would be really fun through a stuffed cow!

SNOW: (Using a spray bottle of colored water, spray ‘Yes’ really big in their yard.

ULTA PRODUCTS/GIFT CARD: You would be the “ulta-mate” date. Yes!

BAG OF PEAS SPRINKLED ON PORCH: I acquired so excited you asked, I “pead” on your porch!

RUBBER DUCKY: I’m one lucky duck that you asked me. Yes!

SUCKER/LOLLIPOP: The dance would certainly “suck” with anyone however you. Yes!

RAISINS: I can’t think of a solitary “raisin” not to go with you. Yes!

PIZZA DELIVERED TO THEIR HOUSE: (Have ‘YES’ created in pepperoni.)


GOLDFISH CRACKERS IN AQUARIUM BOWL: Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so happy you asked me. Yes!

HANDMADE BOOK ’10 Reasons I Would Love to Go to the Dance through You.”

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