The women sign up with the phase and share exactly how hard this previous year has been for every one of their marriages. Dr. Eugene breaks down sharing the truth of life in the ER. The women joke about the shade they’ve thrown, but Quad takes it to the next level as soon as she confronts Toya about the comments she’s made about her home. 43:24

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Scott crashes the phase once he hears Contessa’s reveal their connection condition. The women question Scott’s fidelity, and also Contessa has actually a breakdown backstage. Simone and Jackie’s friendship is wondered about, while Simone is carried to tears over her hostile partnership with Heavenly. The men take the stage and Scott is caught in a web of lies leaving everyone scratching their heads. 43:24

Andy Cohen shows on some of the season’s best moments as the women of medication come together in component among the three-component reunion. After sharing exactly how Covid flipped their world upside dvery own, Quad graces the stage and shakes points up with Toya. 43:14

In the seakid finale of Married to Medicine, the females reap a day of sightseeing that leads to some close encounters. Later, the men join the ladies for the last night on the island. The fact about Scott and also Contessa ultimately comes out. 43:24

The ladies arrive to Jekyll Island. Heavenly and also Toya come together in wishes of founding anew, while Contessa confides to Jackie and Quad about her suspicions of Scott. Anila stirs the pot over a negative attend to Lisa Nicole. 43:24

The Town Hall Event is intimidated once Simone learns some disturbing info around Lisa Nicole. Anila goes to Jackie for advice on her fractured friendship through Toya. Scott reveals a bombshell to Contessa that can threaten their entire marital relationship. 43:24

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S8/EP19 When Andy Cohen asks the group if any kind of lines were crossed this season, Contessa Metcalfe calls Heavenly a "habitual line crosser."