Jane and Michael are both feeling the push – Jane with turning in the perfect novel and also Michael through passing his upcoming test. Jane and also Rafael end up being pertained to over Mateo’s advance once they learn that other youngsters his age are more advanced. Rogelio invites everyone to the last day of filming for his telenovela, however he is not pleased through the ending. After watching Xo and also Rogelio’s interactivity, Darci starts to question her and also Rogelio’s potential connection. At the same time, Rafael is upset when he learns what Petra is as much as, yet she defines that she is protecting him when aget.

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Serie: Jane the Virgin

Director: Gina Lamar, Kelly Akers, Leo Zisman

Guest Star: Aiden Fernandes, Ali Hill, Ana Dela Cruz, Angela Fornero, Anna Hankid, Anthony Mendez, Brett Dier, Craig Ng, Dru Mouser, Fionn James, Jon-Mark Hurley, Judy Reyes, Justina Machacarry out, Lincoln Bonilla, Melanie Mayron, Michelle Twarowska, Nikhil Pai, Norma Maldonado, Ricarcarry out Chavira, Sarah Jorge, Sofia Pernas, Tiffany kind of Yvonne Cox, Wes Armsolid, Zahlia Lawrence


Making a Murderer

Filmed over 10 years, this real-life thriller follows a DNA exoneree that, while exposing police corruption, becomes a suspect in a grisly new crime.



Follow the stays of a group of students at what is possibly the world’s worst neighborhood college in the fictional locale of Greendale, Colorado.



A raw family drama collection versus the human being of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Venice, California. Alvey Kulina owns Navy St. MMA with the assist of his girlfrifinish Lisa Prince….


Tirdy Works

What started through a single turd and also a straightforward principle, Mary’s moose-poop innovations took America by storm after a regional news story went viral. Helping Mary bring her art to…


Who Is America?

A satirical half-hour series from comedian Sacha Baron Cohen trying out the varied individuals, from the infamed to the unwell-known across the political and also social spectrum, that populate our unique country.

The beforehand years of the Madagasvehicle heroes Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melmale the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo, as they flourish up in a rescue habitat at the…

Two bored groundskeepers, Mordecai (a six-foot-tall blue jay) and also Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon) are best friends that spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any type of means vital, a lot to…

Get a front row seat to unguarded conversations with tremendous authors. It’s a book club for today’s civilization.

A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea — and also into the life of an army officer, that decides he will assist her hide.

Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, presents a gripping courtroom thriller, supplying a rare and also revealing inside look at a high-profile murder trial. In 2001, author Michael Peterboy was…

The linked fates of the picture-perfect Richardson family members and an enigmatic mom and daughter that upfinish their resides. Explore the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, the…

30 for 30 is the umbrella title for a series of documentary movies airing on ESPN and its sister networks and also virtual properties. The series, which highlights world and events…

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