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Comedy juggernaut Dave Chappelle’s fourth Netflix Special, videotaped on November 20th, 2017 at Los Angeles’ Comedy Store.

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The Opposite Sex and How to Live through Them

Jewish Jack-the-lad David seriously fancies smart, well-off Anglo-Saxon Carrie as shortly as he initially offends her in a Boston bar. They run into each other again and also though she still says she finds him appalling he works on it and also they are shortly together. His also even more reprehensible best mate and also her blousy finest frifinish watch bemoffered as the two autumn deeply in love and then supposedly as fatally out again


Louis C.K. 2017

Louis C.K. msupplies on religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and also more in a live performance from Washington, D.C.

Following a wild night out through his Best Man, Rob Anderchild wakes approximately uncover himself naked in an elevator on the morning of his wedding day and also is required to relive the morning over and over aobtain.

Two young guys wanting to make a porno movie raise money from their family and friends by claiming that they’re making a spiritual film. Complications ensue when the porno is a hit.

Gararea, the fat, lazy, lasagna lover, has actually everything a cat might desire. But once Jon, in an initiative to impress the Liz – the vet and also an old high-school crush – adopts a dog named Odie and also brings him residence, Gararea gets the one thing he doesn’t desire. Competition.

A Christmas elf accidentally takes off in Santa’s sleigh, crash lands in a tiny town, and also loses the magic toy bag. Beethstove should rescue the elf, recoup the bag from greedy crooks, and also return the sleigh to Santa in time to save Christmas.

Four girls go to a cabin in the woods, which is lived in by evil. This cabin then ensnares them in a labyrinth of macabre as they have to fight their method out.

Two longtime rivals and also elementary institution teachers duke it out in the time of the holidays in a Christmas cookie bake-off, however their genuine feud ignites over a shared interest in a handsome single dad. With both identified to win the prize and the romance, their competitiveness could jeopardize what matters the majority of this Christmas season.

It’s not inexplicable for alcoholic cop Lou to babsence out and also wake up in unacquainted surroundings, yet lately things have actually taken a turn for the strange…and hairy. WolfCop is the story of one cop’s pursuit to end up being a better male. One transformation at a time.

Emma Corrigan, a girl through a couple of tricks on a stormy aircraft ride, thinks she’s around to die, Emma spills them all to the handsome stranger sitting next to her. At leastern, she thought he was a stranger. But then, her company’s young and also elusive CEO, arrives at the office. It’s him. And he knows eexceptionally single humiliating detail about Emma.

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A young boy and a talented stray dog with an remarkable basketball playing capacity end up being immediate friends. Rebounding from his father’s accidental fatality, 12-year-old Josh Framm moves with his family members to the little town of Fernarea, Washington. The brand-new son in tvery own, Josh has actually no friends and also is as well shy to attempt out for the college basketsphere team. Instead he pdescribes practice alone on an abandoned court, he befriends a runaway golden retriever before named Buddy. Josh is amazed when he realizes that Buddy loves basketball…that is playing basketball…and he is GOOD! Josh eventually provides the institution team and Buddy is called the Team Mascot. Josh and also Buddy end up being the stars of halftime. Buddy’s half-time talent draws media attention. Unfortunately, once Buddy’s mean former owner, Norm Snively, comes along with a scheme to cash in on the pup’s celebrity, it looks like they are going to be separated.