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Buffy Seakid 3 Episodes Online

Season 3, episode 1: “Anne” — After killing Angel and also sfinishing him to Hell, getting expelled from Sunnydale High School, and also being wanted for murder, Buffy runs ameans from Sunnydale to Los Angeles and also becomes a waitress in a diner. Tbelow, she finds out who — or what — has actually been preying on transients prefer herself.

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Seakid 3, episode 2: “Dead Man’s Party” — Buffy returns to Sunnydale and also deals with the consequences of her running ameans. On the other hand, her mom and friends setup a welcome-home party. But somepoint sinister and also evil decides to show up too.

Seaboy 3, episode 3: “Faith, Hope, and also Trick” — The Scoobies satisfy a new slayer, Faith, that was referred to as right into organization after Kendra died. But both Faith and also Buffy are hunted by a huge, evil vampire name Kakistos, whose sidekick, Trick, will play an essential function later in the seaboy.

Season 3, episode 4: “Beauty and also the Beasts” — A wild animal, probably a werewolf, is attacking male students of Sunnydale High School, and also Buffy learns even more around the partnership between 2 friends of her boyfrifinish Scott. At the end of the episode, Buffy meets the last perboy she expected to view in town.

Seaboy 3, episode 5: “Homecoming” — Buffy decides to complete via Cordelia for Sunnydale High homecoming-queen, and also the fight in between the two becomes a lot more physical after a gang of human beings, vampires, and demons decides to host “Slayerfest 1998.”

Seakid 3, episode 6: “Band also Candy” — An old “friend” of Giles mirrors up in tvery own and also teams up via Trick and also the mayor of Sunnydale in a plot to poichild the residents of Sunnydale with an unsuspected technique. By the finish of the episode, things between Giles and Buffy’s mommy, Joyce, will certainly never before be the exact same.

Seaboy 3, episode 7: “Revelations” — The Watchers’ Council sends a new watcher for Faith that becomes affiliated in the search for an all-powerful, demonic glove, and the Scoobies are suspicious and also hurt after Xander sees Buffy and Angel kissing in his lair.

Season 3, episode 8: “Lover’s Walk” — Spike returns to Sunnydale and also reasons many havoc after Drusilla breaks up via him for one more demon. A drunken, depressed Spike takes Willow and Xander hostage, and also what happens between them will influence every one of the relationships among the Scoobies.

Seakid 3, episode 9: “The Wish” — A brand-new student called Anya transfers right into Sunnydale High School and then befriends Cordelia, who is no longer popular after breaking up with Xander. She, unknowingly, helps Anya to actors a spell that transforms the city into a dimension in which Buffy had actually never arrived.

Seaboy 3, episode 10: “Amends” — Somepoint demonic and evil is haunting and also tormenting Angel at Christmastime, and the Scoobies put aside their misgivings to attempt to conserve him from killing himself. Meanwhile, Willow and Oz attempt to deal with their damaged partnership.

Seaboy 3, episode 11: “Gingerbread” — Amy, whose evil-witch mom resulted in a mess in the 3rd episode of Seakid 1, becomes one herself. Buffy’s mother sees the bodies of two dead youngsters and groups up through Willow’s mother to create a team of parental fees who decide to fight against anypoint occult and also dark — including the Slayer.

Season 3, episode 12: “Helpless” — It is Buffy’s eighteenth birthday, and also the Watcher Council puts her via a grueling test that will shake her confidence in those closest to her — especially her father and Giles — and also perhaps threaten her life and also that of her mom.

Seakid 3, episode 13: “The Zeppo” — After yet one more risk to Xander’s life, the Scoobies decide that he contributes bit to the fight versus evil and that he should do much less to safeguard himself. So while a horrible evil emerges, Xander finds his own adendeavor and mirrors exactly how a lot he contributes after all.

Seachild 3, episode 14: “Bad Girls” — Buffy and also Faith begin patrolling even more regularly and also begin to form a bond while the mayor undergoes a “dedication” ceremony that will certainly location him one action closer to his ultimate goal. On the other hand, Faith unwittingly makes a decision that will certainly haunt her for the remainder of her life.

Seachild 3, episode 15: “Consequences” — Buffy and Faith argue over just how to address the mistaken fatality of the deputy mayor, and also Faith decides to carry Giles right into the instance — via aftermath that will impact all of the Scoobies and Faith herself.

Season 3, episode 16: “Doppelgangland” — Willow is sick of her reputation as being a boring, “old reliable” perkid and casts a spell that does somepoint amazing — it brings the evil-vampire Willow from the alternate measurement in a prior episode right into the genuine people. The after-effects are both hilarious and moving.

Seaboy 3, episode 17: “Enemies” — With Faith having joined the mayor in his evil plans, Buffy and her friends need to decide exactly how to respond once they start learning of his intentions. The evil slayer adds to her body count, and also the mayor hires a demon to reason Angel to shed his soul aget.

Seachild 3, episode 18: “Earshot” — Buffy is infected by a demon she had just killed and becomes able to check out everyone’s thoughts. While the results are ammaking use of at initially, they conveniently become severe — specifically when the slayer learns that someone is planning mass-murder at Sunnydale High School.

Seakid 3, episode 19: “Choices” — Buffy is welcomed into Northwestern University, and also she and her mother begin to ponder the opportunity of life apart from Sunnydale, the Hellmouth, and the fight against evil. Wesley, however, tells her that she cannot go — so Buffy launches an all-out assault versus the mayor and also his plans.

Season 3, episode 20: “The Prom” — Angel breaks up with Buffy simply prior to the senior prom, and also a disturbed student launches an evil arrangement to commit mass-murder at the dance. Buffy, despite her heartbreak, guarantees that everyone will have actually a great time — and stay alive. Near the end of the episode, tbelow is a moving tribute that will certainly sudepend carry tears to everyone’s eyes.

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Seachild 3, episode 21: “Graduation Day, Part One” — The mayor begins the last part of his setup to end up being a pure demon, Faith poisons Angel via a bow-and-arrow, and the just cure is the blood of a slayer — however will certainly it be Buffy or Faith that conserves his life?

Seachild 3, episode 22: “Graduation Day, Part Two” — Buffy and also the Scoobies tell the entire high-school’s graduating course about what the mayor will certainly carry out during the graduation ceremony and commencement speech, and for the first time, the adolescents of Sunnydale decide to take matters into their very own hands.