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Jonathan M Steplyk
Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, 2018.
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"War indicates fighting, and fighting means killing." Confederate cavalry commander Nathan Bedford Forrest famously declared. The Civil War was basically a issue of Americans killing Americans. This undeniable fact is what Jonathan Steplyk explores in Fighting Means Killing, the first book-length examine of Union and also Confederate soldiers" attitudes towards, and experiences of, killing in the Civil War. Drawing upon letters, diaries, and postbattle reminiscences, Steplyk examines what soldiers and also veterans believed around killing prior to, throughout, and after the battle. How did these soldiers watch sharpshooters? How about hand-to-hand also combat? What language did they usage to describe killing in combat? What cultural and also societal determinants influenced their attitudes? And what was the impact of race in battlearea atrocities and bitter clashes between white Confederates and also babsence Federals? These are the questions that Steplyk seeks to answer in Fighting Means Killing, a occupational that bridges the gap in between armed forces and also social history--and that shifts the emphasis on the tragedy of the Civil War from fighting and also dying for cause and nation to fighting and also killing."--

"War implies fighting, and fighting indicates killing," Confedeprice mounties commander Nathan Bedford Forremainder famously asserted. At its core the Civil War involved Americans killing Americans. Regardless of the moral lens with which one views the dispute, that reality stays. Relying greatly on the wartime letters and diaries and postwar reminiscences of soldiers and also veterans, Jonathan Steplyk explores Union and also Confedeprice perspectives around, and experiences of, killing in combat, and also contends that the majority of soldiers positively affirmed and embraced killing the adversary as part of their armed forces duty and also a requirement for their particular causes to prevail. Steplyk examines the cultural and also societal factors that influenced soldiers" mindsets toward killing prior to and in the time of the war, the miscellaneous methods soldiers skilled killing in battle, the terms and also turns of phrase that soldiers provided to explain killing in combat, killing that transgressed the laws of war, and also the impact of race and also racial perspectives on killing.

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Fighting Means Killing is the first book-size therapy of the nature of killing in Civil War combat, and also bridges the gap between army and social history"-- Read even more...