Last week I posted a quite in-depth timeline from redditor u/Evorush that painstakingly went via The Walking Dead to attempt and also figure out just exactly how lengthy it’s been in the human being from seasons 1 to seakid 9. The display has had actually many time jumps over the years, yet is rarely explicit around them, so it’s a great referral suggest to have actually, and also tright here were many kind of cool things to discover (it just took four months to go from the prichild falling to the end of the Negan battle, for instance).

I pointed out that it would be nice to have a Fear the Walking Dead timeline also, and also Evorush got to out to me to say that he was functioning on one. Well, that time has actually come, and currently we have a timeline to lay on top of the original Walking Dead one which shows simply how Fear fits in here:

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Evorush offers specific episodes as time points, so right here are some of the highlight takeameans from this brand-new timeline and also exactly how it works via The Walking Dead itself:

A astronomical chunk of Fear takes place before Rick ever before wakes up from the hospital. The Walking Dead pilot and also the Fear episode, The Diviner, are both at 59 days, with The Diviner being the 3first episode of Fear all the method in seaboy 3.

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The whole “great era” of Fear the Walking Dead, periods 1-3, takes place in the initially sixty days of the outbreak. After this, there’s a two year gap in order to make Morgan’s departure from TWD sync up through the new timeline we check out in seaboy 4 of Fear. It took Morgan practically four months to go from the Virginia junkyard to where he meets the Fear actors (the brand-new members, Al and John, anyway). When Dwight shows up on Fear in seachild 5, he’s been searching for Sherry for around a year after leaving TWD. In the end, Fear the Walking Dead is still behind The Walking Dead by practically seven years, many thanks to the current, huge time skips the original series has actually had actually. We are still about eight months behind the suggest in which Rick disshows up from the series through helicopter.

The Walking Dead


So, the point is, if these 2 series are ever going to merge, or if there’s ever before going to be another crossover, Fear the Walking Dead is going to have to take an additional huge leap forward right into the future, comparable to what we observed via The Walking Dead this past year. It’s pretty much difficult for any kind of even more cast members to leave TWD for Fear, or vice versa, until this happens, and I suppose it’s feasible the two groups never finish up meeting, as that’s been teased for eras, but hasn’t taken place yet.

Fear is promising something “big” and gamechanging for the finish of this seaboy, so perhaps we can watch something like a large time jump or some advance through the helicopter world (who we currently saw when this season), but it’s unclear as soon as or if these timelines are going to sync up going forward. Stay tuned, as ever before, I mean.

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