The Notorious eked out a bulk decision over Nate Diaz in the major occasion at UFC 202 on Saturday.

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MMAjunkie tweeted out the scorecards:


#UFC202 results: Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

McGregor started the bout via a much more deliberate pace than he did the initially time around, functioning kicks to Diaz"s lead leg and patiently countering via a precise overhand left to the head."s Brett Okamoto summed up the first round, scoring it for McGregor bereason of his control of the fight:


Beautiful round by Conor McGregor. He's up 10-9 after one. Polished, under control. Dictated that round.

It was rinse, lather and also repeat at an early stage in the second framework, as McGregor continued to tenderize Diaz"s lead leg via kicks and also land clean shots to the head. He aacquire floored Diaz early on in the round through an overhand left yet refprovided to interact his adversary on the ground.

However before, a Diaz brother will not go down without a fight, and shades of the first bout started to arise in the last half of the second round as Diaz upped his volume and started capturing McGregor even more and also even more. 


The 3rd round descfinished into an all-out brawl as McGregor"s power dwindled, and Diaz provided unrelenting push to take the round. Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times considered scoring the framework 10-8 for the man from Stockton, California:


Heavy, hefty punishment delivered by Nate Diaz in the third, McGregor remains upideal, yet might be a 10-8 round to also it up...

The fight took another revolve in the championship rounds, as McGregor showed up to capture something of a 2nd wind. His defense still experienced, but he had the ability to return fire through regularity, including elbows in the clinch.

Ariel Helwani of provided the fourth round to McGregor:


McGregor wins round 4. Both tired however still engaging. McGregor landed the bigger shots. 39-37 entering the fifth and also last round.

The fifth and also final round was an encapsulation of the entire fight, as both bloodied fighters took turns landing substantial shots between deep breaths. Diaz punctuated the last round via a huge takedvery own just before the final bell rang, bringing the epic fight to its conclusion. 

Post-Fight Reaction

With all the buildup leading to this fight, plenty of people weighed in with their thoughts around the outcome. 

Damon Martin of Fox Sports provided a statistical breakdvery own that really put the madness into perspective:

Damon Martin

Nate Diaz - 166 significant strikes landed. Conor McGregor - 164 considerable strikes. 3 knockdowns. A war#UFC202

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnkid required to Twitter to shout out to both combatants for putting on a great fight:

Dwayne Johnchild

INSPIRING. Thank you both guys for layin' it all out on the line. Massive respect. #ConorMcGregor #NateDiaz #UFC202

Anytime there"s a fight as cshed as this one, there"s bound to be conflict about the score. However, Chamatkar Sandhu of MMAjunkie passed along a list of media scores, the majority of which were for the ultimate winner, McGregor:

Chamatkar Sandhu

Here are the Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor media score cards through

Martin of Fox Sports went ahead and also suggested a time and location for the threecomplement to happen. After that fight, there most likely aren"t many civilization who would argue with that. 

Damon Martin

Let's simply view Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 3 on NYE in Vegas (they need a break)Jose Alperform vs. Max Hollomeans in New York. #UFC202

Coming up via an actual timeline for a possible trilogy fight can take some time. Sandhu additionally passed alengthy the news that McGregor battled at least component of the time via a damaged foot, which makes his performance all the even more impressive:

Chamatkar Sandhu

On ESPN's SportsCenter
TheCoachESPN confirms that Conor McGregor does indeed have actually a broken foot. ETA on recoincredibly is unwell-known at this stage.

Pablo S. Torre of the New York Daily News wasn"t surprised by that news:

Pablo S. Torre

Conor McGregor breaking his foot from kicking Nate Diaz so much would certainly be a suitable summary of this fight

Finally, Helwani took the moment to congratulate McGregor"s coach on obviously having actually his fighter well-prepared in the rematch:

Ariel Helwani

McGregor's coach
John_Kavanagh sassist his reputation was on the line tonight. Well, Coach, reputation still well in tact. Great adjustments.

Impact of the Fight

The win added to the lore of Mystic Mac. 

McGregor had actually already proved he"s the following excellent featherweight. His meteoric rise and also dispatching of Jose Alcarry out establimelted that, and also Saturday"s win cemented his position as among the sport"s pound-for-pound finest.

Tright here aren"t many kind of fighters that have the right to shed in the fashion McGregor did in his initially enrespond to through Diaz only to come earlier via the proper adjustments to overcome a size, reach and grappling disadvantage. 

This will serve to increase McGregor"s stock, which, by the means, was already at an all-time high despite the loss in the initially matchup. According to Sandhu, McGregor collection a new record for a disclosed purse for a UFC fight:

Chamatkar Sandhu

Conor McGregor is netting $3m (new record) & Nate Diaz $2m via neither recieving a win bonus. Just flat fees. WOW.

With his first UFC loss now avenged, the MMA world is McGregor"s oyster. 

UFC President Dana White already laid out some groundwork to attempt to steer McGregor in a details direction, pre-emptively heralding an ultimatum about the featherweight title, per Fox Sports: UFC:

FOX Sports: UFC

Dana White claims Conor McGregor will be deffinishing his featherweight title following or he'll be "giving it up"#UFC202

McGregor has actually talked around ending up being a multiple-division champion in the previous, yet it doesn"t sound as though he"s committed to going back dvery own to safeguard his featherweight belt after Aldo beat Frankie Edgar for the interim belt, per MMAjunkie:

I’ve bconsumed everybody in the department. If Frankie had won that last fight, after all that he and his team were talking, it would certainly have been set it stone: I’m going earlier down to shut that male up. But he obtained slapped approximately that fight – couldn’t perform nothing against a male I KOd in one shot. So I’ve simply got to check out it out, view what happens after this fight.

The bottom line is that McGregor is a man who"s all about the bottom line. If he believes going ago dvery own to featherweight will certainly be the ideal business decision, he will. If not, he"ll chase whatever the next big-money fight is. 

After his win over Diaz, it"s clear McGregor"s talent transcends weight classes. His capacity to readjust after shedding his first fight at welterweight is the sort of point that renders a fighter good. 

Regardmuch less of exactly how fans feel around McGregor, they"ll tune in to see his following pursuit of greatness. And he"ll proceed to be paid handsomely for it.

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