Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley provided firefunctions in the UFC 171 co-main event for one-and-a-half rounds before the bout concerned an unfortunate, abrupt finish. 

After salso minutes of solid, back-and-forth action, Condit tweaked his knee in the time of a takedown from Woodley but regulated to hang hard and also weather the storm, ultimately functioning his means ago to his feet. 

At that suggest, Woodley laburned out through a leg kick that sent his enemy off balance and bent Condit"s injured knee a second time, and "The Natural Born Killer" broke down to the mat, clutching his knee in pain. 

Condit had not been finimelted because 2008, and this is not exactly how anybody wanted to view his run finish. Still, these points occur in MMA; injuries are a byproduct of 2 solid, ferocious dudes swinging fists, feet, knees and shins inside the Octagon. 

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For Condit, the loss represents a setago within the division, and also he will certainly tumble from his No. 2 ranking. 

Conversely, Woodley simply rocketed himself up the welterweight ladder—potentially to a title swarm in his next outing. 

What we"ll remember around this fight


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The gross complete sticks out the the majority of in this one, yet this was shaping as much as be a sensational fight. 

Woodley scored a couple of takedowns, and he landed some clean, sharp punches on Condit. 

Undeterred, The Natural Born Killer fired ago, landing low kicks and also solid hooks with regularity. He was eating Woodley"s power and also placing himself to make a late push for the complete. 

Unfortunately, we"ll never know what these two had in keep for us as the fight progressed. 

What we learned around Condit

We learned nopoint brand-new about him in this fight. 

We currently knew he had actually a great chin and also possessed a varied stand-up assault. We kbrand-new he endured against powerful wrestlers and that he was a humale being via ligaments in his knee. 

Check, check, check and also inspect. 

What we learned around Woodley

Woodley deserve to defeat the division"s elite. 

Prior to taking care of Condit, his finest victory was a first-round knockout of a fading Josh Kosexamine, a reality that hampered his climb up the welterweight ranks. 

"T-Wood" had traditionally struggled versus upper-tier fighters—his 2 career losses pertained to Nate Marquardt and also Jake Shields—yet this win showed that he have the right to percreate on the massive stage and also under press. 

Before Condit"s injury, Woodley looked excellent in tbelow, and it is not a stretch to think that he would certainly have cruised to a unanimous-decision victory, offered the fight"s trajectory. 

What"s next for Condit?

Condit is a fan favorite, and also he is game for any kind of fighter at any type of time. 

He"s experienced and also a vicious finisher, so plenty of tasty choices await him once he heals up. 

For currently, let"s tentatively pen him in for the loser of the night"s major occasion in between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler. 

What"s following for Woodley? 

Did he do sufficient to earn a title shot? 

He won—and finished—Condit, however the truth that it came by means of injury will certainly tarnish the victory a little bit. 

With Shields losing previously in the evening, yet, Woodley"s claim for the title shot is solid, and also if he stirs up enough interemainder after the fight, he just could acquire it.