Synopsis: After Bella and also Edward"s honeymoon, things take a turn for the worse when Bella realises she is pregnant. The baby grows at an abusually rapid rate and also causes many wellness difficulties to Bella. The wolf fill see the unborn child as a danger and setup to remove it. But the Cullens perform everything they deserve to to ensure that both Bella and also the unborn boy reprimary safe.

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BELLA: "Childhood is not

from birth to a specific age.

"And at a particular age, the kid is grown

and puts ameans childish things.

"Childhood is the kingdom

wbelow nobody dies."

Jake! Jacob!



lt"s happening.


You just need to break them in.

l"ve been breaking them in. For 3 days.

Can l simply go barefoot?

No, absolutely not.

Just thinking it"s a little a lot, you know?

The dress and the shoes,

and also every one of this.

ALlCE: No, it"s exactly sufficient.

Tomorrow will certainly be perfect.

Wbelow do you want them, boss?

On either side of the aisle.

-What aisle?

-Does no one have vision?

You, go home and get several beauty sleep.

That"s an order.


l was simply checking for cold feet.

Well, mine are toasty heat.

lt"s not too late to change your mind.

What? Now you"re having actually second thoughts?

You are.

No, l"ve been waiting a century

to marry you, Miss Swan.


l haven"t told you every little thing about myself.

What? You"re not a virgin?



Look, you can not scare me ameans now.

Look, a few years after Carlisle created me,

l rebelled against him.

l resented him for curbing my appetite.

And so for a while, l went off on my very own.

l wanted to know exactly how it felt to hunt.



EDWARD: To taste human blood.



All the men I killed

were monsters.

And so was I.

Edward, they were all murderers.

You probably conserved even more lives

than you took.

Bella, that"s what l told myself.

But they were all people.

l looked into their eyes as they died

and also l experienced who l was,

and what l was qualified of.

And what l"ll be capable of.

Why are you informing me this tonight?

Did you really think

this was gonna adjust my mind about you?

l simply wondered

if it would readjust your mind about yourself,

and who you wanna watch when

you look in the mirror a year from currently.

l recognize l deserve to carry out this.

Let me tell you why.

Since you did.


You have to offer yourself

some crmodify for that.

Now, hopecompletely, a year from now,

l"m gonna look in the mirror

and also watch someone choose you.

l suppose, someone capable of courage

and sacrifice and love.


-What is that?

-EMMETT: Come on! Let"s go!

-l"m late for my bachelor party.

Sfinish him out, Bella,

or we"re coming in after him.

So, this party.

Will tbelow be strippers?


No, simply a pair of hill lions.

Maybe a couple of bears.

Don"t problem, Bella,

we"ll give him earlier in plenty of time.

Okay, go, before they break my house.

EMMETT: Let"s go! Let"s go!

l"ll meet you at the altar.

l"ll be the one in white.

That was exceptionally convincing.


What did l say about beauty sleep?

Sorry, bad dream.

lt was wedding jitters.

Do you need some help?

l might execute her hair.



l"m not offended by your option of groom.

Just my blatant absence of respect for mortality.


Weddings. They carry everyone together.

Hey, so, did you uncover our daughter?

Are those graduation caps?

(LAUGHS) How creative!

Or weird.

Alice? Bella?

BELLA: ln here, Mom.

(GASPS) Oh, my gosh!

You"re so beautiful.

Oh, honey.

Crap! My mascara.



Charlie, get in below.

You sure? l don"t wanna...

l know. l look hot.


We believed you necessary somepoint blue.

And somepoint old.

-Besides your mom.

-(SCOFFS) Nice.

-lt was Grandma Swan"s.

-But we added the sapphires.

lt"s beautiful, you males.

Wow. Thank you so a lot.

lt"s your first family heirloom.

Pass on to your daughter, and also her daughter.

Mom, l love it.

Nope. No smudging my masterpiece.

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She"s appropriate.


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