About Keep Ya Head Up

"Keep Ya Head Up" is a 1993 hit single by 2Pac. The song features R&B singer Dave Hollister and is dedicated to babsence women and Latasha Harlins.

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Little somethin" for my godboy Elijah and also a small girl named CorinneSome say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juiceI say the darker the flesh then the deeper the rootsI give a holler to my sisters on welfareTupac cares, if don"t nobody else careAnd uh, I recognize they prefer to beat ya down a lotWhen you come around the block brothas actually clvery own a lotBut please do not cry, dry your eyes, never before let upForprovide yet do not foracquire, girl store your head upAnd as soon as he tells you you ain"t nuttin" do not believe himAnd if he can"t learn to love you, you need to leave him"Causage sista you do not need himAnd I ain"t tryin" to gas ya up, I simply call "em just how I view "emYou know it provides me unhappy (What"s that)When brothas make babies, and leave a young mommy to be a pappyAnd given that we all came from a womanGot our name from a woguy and also our game from a womanI wonder why we take from our womenWhy we rape our woguys, perform we hate our women?I think it"s time to kill for our womenTime to heal our women, be real to our womenAnd if we do not we"ll have a race of babiesThat will certainly hate the females, that make the babiesAnd because a man can"t make oneHe has no appropriate to tell a woguy once and also where to create oneSo will the real men obtain upI understand you"re fed up women, yet keep your head upKeep ya head up, ooh, son, points are gonna obtain easierKeep ya head up, ooh, son, things"ll acquire brighterKeep ya head up, ooh, child, points are gonna acquire easierKeep ya head up, ooh, boy, things"ll get brighterAiyyo, I remember Marvin Gaye, provided to sing to meHe had me feelin" like black was tha point to beAnd suddenly tha ghetto didn"t seem so toughAnd though we had actually it rough, we constantly had actually enoughI huffed and puffed around my curfew and also broke the rulesRan through the neighborhood crew, and also had a smoke or twoAnd I realize momma really passist the priceShe virtually provided her life, to raise me rightAnd all I had actually to provide her was my pipe dreamOf just how I"d rock the mic, and make it to tha bappropriate screenI"m tryin" to make a dollar out of fifteenager centsIt"s tough to be legit and still pay your rentAnd in the finish it seems I"m headin" for tha penI attempt and also find my friends, yet they"re blowin" in the windLast night my buddy shed his whole familyIt"s gonna take the man in me to conquer this insanityIt appears tha rain"ll never before let upI try to keep my head up, and still store from gettin" wet upYou understand it"s funny when it rains it poursThey acquired money for battles, yet can"t feed the poorShelp it ain"t no hope for the youth and the fact isIt ain"t no hope for tha futureAnd then they wonder why we crazyI blame my mom, for turning my brvarious other into a crack babyWe ain"t expected to survive, "cause it"s a setupAnd even though you"re fed upHuh, ya acquired to keep your head upKeep ya head up, ooh, child, points are gonna obtain easierKeep ya head up, ooh, son, things"ll obtain brighterKeep ya head up, ooh, kid, points are gonna acquire easierKeep ya head up, ooh, child, things"ll gain brighterAnd uhTo all the females havin" babies on they ownI know it"s kinda stormy and also you"re feelin" all aloneDaddy"s lengthy gone and he left you by ya lonesomeThank the Lord for my children, also if nobody else desire "em"Causage I think we have the right to make it, in truth, I"m sureAnd if you loss, stand also tall and also comeearlier for more"Cause ain"t nothin" worse than when your sonWants to kno" why his daddy do not love him no mo"You can not complain you was dealt thisHell of a hand also without a male, feelin" helplessDue to the fact that there"s too many type of things for you to deal withDying inside, but outside you"re looking fearlessWhile the tears, is rollin" dvery own your cheeksYa steady hopin" points do not all dvery own this week"Causage if it did, you couldn"t take it, and don"t blame meI was offered this human being I didn"t make itAnd now my son"s gettin" older and older and coldFrom havin" the civilization on his shouldersWhile the well-off children is drivin" BenzI"m still tryin" to organize on to my survivin" friendsAnd it"s crazy, it seems it"ll never let up, butPlease, you obtained to save your head up

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2Pac Tupac Amaru Shakur, additionally known by his phase names 2Pac and also Makaveli, was an Amerihave the right to rapper and also actor. He is taken into consideration by many to have actually been just one of the finest rappers of all time. Shakur was born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City however resituated to Los Angeles in 1988. even more »

Written by: Tupac Amaru Shakur, Roger Troutman, Stan Vincent, Daryl L. Anderson