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Earlier this week, The Ashley recapped what she feels was the best episode of MTV’s True Life ever before. The episode, entitled “I Had My Cousin’s Baby,” complied with two couples (well, one-and-a-fifty percent couples, actually, since among the guys remained in jail throughout the whole episode and couldn’t really participate). The couples are cousins in love. The episode was quite the treat, and also The Ashley says you read her recap of it, if you haven’t already.

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Anyway, the episode was filmed throughout the summer and fevery one of 2015, and, although MTV gave us a two-sentence upday on the couples at the end of the episode, The Ashley was eager to understand what has occurred to these kissin’ cousins considering that we last witnessed them…

You may be surprised by what The Ashley found…

Alexis & Andrew


When we last observed Alexis, she had actually simply provided birth to her cousin Andrew’s baby. Anattracted, of course, was locked up on burglary charges and was awaiting trial for his crimes. She had actually few people who were sustaining her in her partnership through her cousin. We just witnessed Andrew’s brother, Fern, and also his frifinish, Tony, grant of the connection during the episode.


On New Year’s Eve, MTV.com posted a follow-up interview via Alexis to view what has occurred because her episode was filmed. While that intersee had actually some amazing updates, it actually only told some of the story of what Alexis has been up to.

Alexis told MTV that she and Anattracted are no much longer together, and that they broke up best after she provided birth to their daughter.

“It simply wasn’t going anywhere, and also I was gaining more and also even more irritated each time I talked to him,” she sassist. “He’s still my cousin though!”

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Anymethod, Alexis likewise revealed that Anattracted is still in jail. In mid-December, he was sentenced to 6 years in prikid. According to court documents discovered by The Ashley, it will certainly be at leastern 2 years prior to Anattracted has a opportunity to get out of priboy.

But Alexis isn’t sitting at home, waiting for Andrew to acquire released! She told MTV that Tony (Andrew’s friend) was living through her and her children.

“I don’t need to concern about having somewright here to remain bereason I have actually my very own apartment now,” Alexis shelp. “Tony is living in the apartment with me and the youngsters. We separation the bills, yet he recently had to quit his task because it was as well much amethod. He’s currently in search of one more task.”

She sort of left out the fact that she and unemployed Tony are now romantically involved! A look at Alexis’ and Tony’s Facebook pages expose that they are in a partnership together, and also have been for a while.

Let this be a lesboy, kiddies: If you burgle, you might acquire sent out to prison for six years and also your finest frifinish might steal your fiance!

Anyway, it appears that Alexis’ family is thrilled that they no much longer have kissing cousins in their family.

“My partnership with “MY” side of the household has acquired a lot much better bereason they’re happy that Andrew and I broke up and also that there’s basically no possibility we’ll obtain earlier together,” she told MTV. “Andrew’s side of the household and also I are on okay terms yet we haven’t really been speaking as much because they’re so upset around Andrew’s sentence.”

Her daughter is doing well, but. Alexis posted an update on the baby, along with a message to all the haters who wondered about whether the baby would be born healthy and balanced, due to having paleas that are first cousins.

“For everyone pertained to around the mental health of my daughter, she is perfectly fine,” Alexis composed on her Facebook web page. “Lol ignorance is bliss. Having a kid through a cousin and the son having a mentally disability is a myth.”

Just gonna leave it at that…

Grace & Dylan


On the episode we additionally met Grace and Dylan, cousins from Tennessee that are married and the paleas of 2 little girls. According to Grace, their household members (other than for her mommy and stepdad) have completed shunned her and Dylan for obtaining married and also having actually kids together.

To escape the shunning, Dylan and Grace load up all of their belongings, as well as their youngins, and also head west to California. Because the couple doesn’t show up to have a plan as soon as they obtain to Los Angeles, they struggcaused find somewright here to continue to be and also, according to the post-episode update, were required to move earlier to Tennesview after two weeks in LA.


The Ashley had to carry out some intense sleuthing to uncover an update on these country bumpkin cousins, but she ultimately found some very exciting stuff in regard to Grace and also Dylan and their episode.

According to Facebook posts made by Grace’s mom and also stepfather earlier this week, important facts were omitted from the episode. Grace and also Dylan are indeed cousins that had youngsters together, yet they have not been shunned by their families, according to Grace’s mom.

“They only told the viewers what would certainly gain them to watch and also talk about later,” Grace’s mom commented on Facebook in defense of her daughter. “They have been by the family members and the grandbabies are loved deeply…. They did move ago to TN and spent Christmas with both households which they always have actually done.”

The Ashley investigated and, while looking via family members photos posted onto Facebook, Grace, Dylan and also their girls are, indeed, pictured at occasions such as birthday parties and also Christmas gatherings. Grace’s household even threw baby showers for her when she was pregnant with her daughters.

The Ashley additionally found out that Grace and also Dylan are not first cousins prefer Alexis and Anattracted are. Dylan and Grace are, in fact, 3rd cousins, which is why it was legal for them to gain married. (Just for the document, it’s legal to marry your initially cousin in the state of Tennescheck out, and also in many kind of other states.)

Throughout the episode, Grace, Dylan and also their children present up to a family members party that they were not invited to. When they arrive, their household refuses to open the door for them. According to Grace’s stepfather, that wasn’t exactly the instance.

“That was not even the brother’s residence they verified,” he composed on Facebook, adding that no one has excluded Grace and also Dylan. “They were all together for Christmas.”

According to Grace’s mommy and also stepfather, Grace and Dylan did have a reason for selecting to go to Los Angeles. Although it seemed to be a random (and also stupid) alternative for them to try to move to the very expensive Los Angeles, they went bereason they believed that Dylan had a job lined up there.

“They moved to CA bereason he had a task tbelow and also as soon as he gained tright here it fell with,” Grace’s mommy defined. “Somepoint ‘True Life’ didn’t tell you.”

Grace’s mother and stepfather both composed that Grace and Dylan were so nervous regarding exactly how they would be depicted on the episode that they allegedly went with procedures to obtain MTV to not air the episode. Grace’s mom wrote that by doing so, the couple forfeited the money they were to get from MTV for doing the present.

“They had actually also signed files with ‘True Life’ before they came residence to not air the show because of the method the present was gonna revolve out,” Grace’s mommy wrote. “So they did not receive a penny for it…. They had signed files to cancel it. And went ahead and aired it.”

Grace’s stepdad claimed on Facebook that the couple was intended to acquire about $2,000 for doing the episode.

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Luckily, however, Grace and Dylan are doing much much better currently than when we last experienced them, living in a filthy trailer before moving to California and also living in a motel.

has gained him a great project,” Grace’s mom created. “They discovered them a super nice townhouse to live and also the babies are loved greatly.”

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