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Chyeah!It"s that tremendous sh-- (Talk to "em)There"s also many kind of beautiful ladies in this home tonight, FelliI think we should hit em off somepoint correct, son Okay... whoo!(They speak to me Diddy, DJ Felli Fel!)Testing, one, two, 3 (Testing, one, 2, threeHey, listen to me, listen, hey)It"s tricky, I"m picky, baby, yet I just spotted youDoing your thing, G-string, shoe string allude of viewLfinish me your body, you obtained me in a zoneBet a million in a fifty percent cash i can make you explodeYou don"t wanna brave the cold, you wanna Diddy CombsI have the right to take you on outer borders ameans from home(?) ..... (?)In the middle of the club doin" a rodeo showThe hoes seem skeemy, wet dreamyEmphasism obsessed gleemy(Incredible sex) You require meYou have the right to ease me, please me babyI probably am little bit crazy but in a way...Don"t make me get buck in here!Shawty drop it to the ground favor she ain"t obtained mannersToo much booty for one guy to handleBut all I require is a one night scandalAnd I"ma get buck in here!Damn, lil mama, recognize you fit my standardsYou the form to make me grip that handleLick shots in the air, bustin" that grandam(While you make it clap clap clap clap clapYou gotta shake that thang, shake that thangWhile you make it clap clap clap clap clapJust shake that thang, shake that thang)She have the right to make it clap choose a standing OVATIONSpin prefer my record at your radio STATIONFeel the SENSATION, I put it ideal thereThey be choose "Luda!", I be prefer "Y-yeah!",You prefer it favor that, do not ya babyThe flow"s insane, and the stroke is crazyI stroke so good, like Tiger WoodsAnd i RAWR, like a tiger wouldMy livelihood is not HollywoodI"m still Southside Atlanta, that"s a lively hoodA circus, massive height, prefer Ringling BrothersIf you wanna learn somepoint, carry your mothersSit earlier and also observe, invite some friendsWe can mix it all up, choose juice and ginFelli on the cell-y via a couple of twinsCause tonight, damn ideal, we gonna carry out it again Aiyyo, Felli let me one more timeListen, women, lace them, G-force jets, fly "emTwisted, crooked, cell phone numbers, probablyFlip em change em, prissy and bouji, the hood (?)Video Game of taste em, trissy"s I"m runnin" em excellent (?)Leather or silk, I melt them allLove em, leave em, provide em hell for sureTell them words they minds and souls deserveOr provide them things they can preferSandrio pan, mandarin sweet massage oilPimp, gamein", grants, and also benz" i tried emUsed to style em, now just virgin islandKamasutra freaky...Hold up, f*ck that shit, f*ck that shit! (yoyoyoyoyoyoyo...)It"s your boy, Lil Jon! (YEAH!)Time to take this mothafucker to an additional level! (Let"s go!)Get your mothafucking hands up!Get your mothafucking hands up!Throw your mothafucking drinks up!Throw your mothafucking drinks up!Now get buck in this bitch!Get buck in this bitch!Get buck in this bitch!Get buck in this bitch!Get crunk in this bitch!Get crunk in this bitch!Get crunk in this bitch!Get crunk in this bitch!YEAH! Aiyyo, Felli, you a fool for that one. HA

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