Here"s Tom Hanks"s face - grinning, slightly goofy, those super-emotive eyes. You can say it"s a confront that inspires trust or, at the leastern, a certain comforting familiarity.

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Hanks"s body - well, that"s somepoint else completely. It"s the body of a bear. Or a penguin. Or a galloping equine. Welcome to "Tom Hanks is Lots of Animals," a single-subject Tumblr blog that manperiods to be both hilarious and soopoint at the same time. (If you do not believe that"s feasible, take a loo k .)

The single-topic blog, which concentrates on one niche topic, has actually been approximately in some create for years. But with the arrival 4 years ago of the Tumblr Internet site, which provides an easy layout for producing quick, highly visual blogs, it might have got to a brand-new pinnacle.

It works like this: Choose an image - Photoshopped or unchanged - and pair it with a line or 2 of humorous text . Repeat. Then you"ll have what Tumblr editorial director Chris Price calls the Internet equivalent of the Sunday funnies - just you do not must know how to attract.

A la Twitter, Tumblr customers deserve to follow individual blogs - known ssuggest as Tumblrs. And one of the the majority of efficient means to recruit followers is by using an arresting photo.

"It"s so visual. You"re able to check out it and process it almost automatically," says Maris Kreizguy, the New York-based book editor that maintains the famous "Slaughterhome 90210." The Tumblr functions display screen grabs from a variety of TV reflects, each paired through cerebral quotes from novels.

After the panned halftime display of last Sunday"s Super Bowl, Kreizmale posted a photo of the band also the Babsence Eyed Peas in their outlandish costumes. Beneath it, she quoted Niccolo Machiavelli"s "The Prince:" "The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the civilization is composed chiefly of the vulgar."

"Juxtaposing the high and also low together - it type of scratches two various itches," Kreizman shelp.

Many type of of the Tumblrs are not so erudite. A few of the the majority of popular - such as "Tom Hanks is Lots of Animals" - walk a fine line in between the simply absurd and the totally bizarre. Do Tom Selleck, waterdrops and sandwiches seem also crazy to ever before combine? Check out Selleck Waterautumn Sandwich.

Other Tumblrs use the create for biting social commentary.

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"Kim Jong Il Looking at Things" is hugely renowned. Eexceptionally few months, North Korea releases imperiods in the media of its nearly 70-year-old communist leader looking at factories, schools, parades, you name it. The Tumblr blog presents these imeras through literal commentary: "looking at bottled water," "looking at pigs," and "looking at the wall."

The viewer is left trying to define the unexplainable: Why is Kim Jong Il looking at these things? Why is he always surrounded by a coterie of suited men? What is he attempting to tell the world? The Tumblr - without ever being overt or crass - devastatingly mocks the North Oriental leader"s attempt to regulate his picture.

In comparable fashion, then-NPR commentator Juan Williams"s remarks that "world who are in Muslim garb" made him nervous motivated the Tumblr "Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things. "

Under the picture of a man in an argyle sweater, the blog dryly notes, "This is Khalil Ismail. Khalil is wearing the standard preppy Muslim garb of his indigenous Baltieven more, Maryland also." Under a photograph of "The Daily Show" co-star is: "This is Aasif Mandvi. He is a Muslim wearing a chef"s hat."