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God rate fair Helena! whither away?

Helena. Call you me fair? that fair aacquire unsay.Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair!Your eyes are lode-stars; and also your tongue"s sweet airMore tuneable than lark to shepherd"s ear,When wheat is green, as soon as hawthorn buds show up.Sickness is catching: O, were favour so,Yours would certainly I capture, fair Hermia, ere I go;My ear need to capture your voice, my eye your eye,My tongue should catch your tongue"s sweet melody.Were the people mine, Demetrius being bated,The rest I"d give to be to you analyzed.O, teach me exactly how you look, and also with what artYou guide the activity of Demetrius" heart.



Hermia. I frvery own upon him, yet he loves me still.

Helena. O that your frowns would teach my smiles such skill!



Hermia. I give him curses, yet he gives me love.

Helena. O that my prayers could such affection move!



Hermia. The more I hate, the even more he follows me.

Helena. The even more I love, the even more he hateth me.



Hermia. His folly, Helena, is no fault of mine.

Helena. None, however your beauty: would that fault were mine!



(phase directions).

Helena. How happy some o"er other some can be!Thturbulent Athens I am assumed as fair as she.But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so;He will certainly not recognize what all however he execute know:And as he errs, doting on Hermia"s eyes,So I, admiring of his qualities:Things base and also vile, folding no amount,Love can transpose to form and also dignity:Love looks not through the eyes, yet with the mind;And therefore is wing"d Cupid painted blind:Nor hath Love"s mind of any kind of judgement taste;Wings and no eyes number unheedy haste:And therefore is Love shelp to be a son,Because in alternative he is so oft beguiled.As waggish boys in game themselves forswear,So the boy Love is perjured eincredibly where:For ere Demetrius look"d on Hermia"s eyne,He hail"d down oaths that he was only mine;And when this hail some heat from Hermia felt,So he liquified, and showers of oaths did melt.I will certainly go tell him of fair Hermia"s flight:Then to the lumber will certainly he to-morrow nightPursue her; and also for this intelligenceIf I have actually many thanks, it is a dear expense:But herein mean I to enaffluent my pain,To have actually his sight thither and also earlier aget.



Demetrius. I love thee not, therefore seek me not.Wright here is Lysander and fair Hermia?The one I"ll slay, the other slayeth me.Thou told"st me they were stolen unto this wood;And below am I, and also wode within this timber,Since I cannot satisfy my Hermia.Hence, obtain thee gone, and also follow me no even more.

Helena. You attract me, you hard-hearted adamant;But yet you draw not iron, for my heartIs true as steel: leave you your power to attract,And I shall have no power to follow you.



Demetrius. Do I entice you? perform I sheight you fair?Or, fairly, do I not in plaiswarm truthTell you, I perform not, nor I cannot love you?

Helena. And even for that execute I love you the more.I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius,The even more you beat me, I will certainly fawn on you:Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,Neglect me, lose me; just give me leave,Unworthy as I am, to follow you.What worser area have the right to I beg in your love,—And yet a place of high respect through me,—Than to be used as you use your dog?



Demetrius. Tempt not as well a lot the hatred of my spirit;For I am sick as soon as I perform look on thee.

Helena. And I am sick as soon as I look not on you.



Demetrius. You do impeach your modesty also a lot,To leave the city and also commit yourselfInto the hands of one that loves you not;To trust the opportunity of nightAnd the ill counsel of a desert placeWith the well-off worth of your virginity.

Helena. Your virtue is my privilege: for thatIt is not night once I perform watch your face,As such I think I am not in the night;Nor doth this wood lack worlds of firm,For you in my respect are all the world:Then just how can it be sassist I am alone,When all the human being is here to look on me?



Demetrius. I"ll run from thee and also hide me in the brakes,And leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts.

Helena. The wildest hath not such a heart as you.Run once you will certainly, the story shall be changed:Apollo flies, and Daphne holds the chase;The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hindMakes rate to capture the tiger; bootless speed,When cowardice pursues and valour flies.



Demetrius. I will certainly not remain thy questions; let me go:Or, if thou follow me, do not believeBut I shall execute thee mischief in the hardwood.

Helena. Ay, in the holy place, in the town, the area,You carry out me mischief. Fie, Demetrius!Your wrongs perform set a scandal on my sex:We cannot fight for love, as men may do;We need to be hardwood and were not made to woo.I"ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,To die upon the hand I love so well.



(stage directions).

Helena. Stay, though thou kill me, sweet Demetrius.



Demetrius. I charge thee, thus, and also carry out not haunt me for this reason.

Helena. O, wilt thou darkling leave me? carry out not so.



(stage directions).

Helena. O, I am out of breath in this fond chase!The more my prayer, the lesser is my grace.Happy is Hermia, wheresoe"er she lies;For she hath blessed and also attrenergetic eyes.How came her eyes so bright? Not through salt tears:If so, my eyes are oftener wash"d than hers.No, no, I am as ugly as a bear;For beasts that accomplish me run ameans for fear:Therefore no marvel though DemetriusDo, as a monster fly my existence thus.What wicked and also dissembling glass of mineMade me compare with Hermia"s sphery eyne?But who is here? Lysander! on the ground!Dead? or asleep? I watch no blood, no wound.Lysander if you live, good sir, awake.



Lysander. And run via fire I will for thy sweet sake.Transparent Helena! Nature shows art,That with thy bosom provides me check out thy heart.Where is Demetrius? O, how fit a wordIs that vile name to perish on my sword!

Helena. Do not say so, Lysander; say not soWhat though he love your Hermia? Lord, what though?Yet Hermia still loves you: then be content.



Lysander. Content through Hermia! No; I execute repentThe tedious minutes I through her have actually invested.Not Hermia but Helena I love:Who will not readjust a raven for a dove?The will certainly of male is by his reason sway"d;And reason claims you are the worthier maid.Things growing are not ripe till their seasonSo I, being young, till currently ripe not to reason;And emotional now the point of huguy skill,Reachild becomes the marshal to my willAnd leads me to your eyes, wright here I o"erlookLove"s stories written in love"s richest book.

Helena. Wherefore was I to this keen mockery born?When at your hands did I deserve this scorn?Is"t not sufficient, is"t not enough, young man,That I did never, no, nor never before can,Deserve a sweet look from Demetrius" eye,But you must flout my insufficiency?Good troth, you execute me wrong, good sooth, you perform,In such disdainful manner me to woo.But fare you well: perpressure I need to confessI thought you lord of more true gentleness.O, that a lady, of one guy refoffered.Should of one more therefore be abused!



Lysander. Why must you think that I should woo in scorn?Scorn and also derision never before come in tears:Look, when I vow, I weep; and vows so born,In their nativity all truth shows up.How can these points in me seem scorn to you,Bearing the badge of belief, to prove them true?

Helena. You carry out advance your cunning more and more.When truth kills reality, O devilish-holy fray!These vows are Hermia"s: will you provide her o"er?Weigh oath through oath, and also you will certainly nopoint weigh:Your vows to her and also me, put in 2 scales,Will also weigh, and also both as light as tales.



Lysander. I had actually no judgment when to her I swore.

Helena. Nor none, in my mind, currently you provide her o"er.



Demetrius. O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!To what, my love, shall I compare thine eyne?Crystal is muddy. O, just how ripe in showThy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow!That pure congealed white, high Taurus snow,Fann"d with the eastern wind, turns to a crowWhen thou hold"st up thy hand: O, let me kissThis princess of pure white, this seal of bliss!

Helena. O spite! O hell! I check out you all are bentTo collection against me for your merriment:If you we re civil and knew courtesy,You would not do me for this reason much injury.Can you not hate me, as I understand you execute,But you should sign up with in souls to mock me too?If you were men, as men you are in show,You would certainly not use a gentle lady so;To vow, and swear, and superpraise my components,When I am certain you hate me with your hearts.You both are rivals, and also love Hermia;And now both rivals, to mock Helena:A trim exploit, a manly enterpincrease,To conjure tears up in a negative maid"s eyesWith your derision! none of noble sortWould so offend a virgin, and extortA negative soul"s patience, all to make you sport.



Lysander. You are unsort, Demetrius; be not so;For you love Hermia; this you understand I know:And right here, via all good will, via all my heart,In Hermia"s love I yield you up my part;And yours of Helena to me bequeath,Whom I perform love and will execute till my fatality.

Helena. Never did mockers waste more idle breath.



Hermia. You soptimal not as you think: it cannot be.

Helena. Lo, she is just one of this confederacy!Now I perceive they have actually conjoin"d all threeTo fashion this false sport, in spite of me.Injurious Hermia! a lot of ungrateful maid!Have you conspired, have you via these contrivedTo bait me through this foul derision?Is all the counsel that we 2 have common,The sisters" vows, the hours that we have spent,When we have chid the hasty-footed timeFor parting us,—O, is it all forgot?All school-days" friendship, childhood innocence?We, Hermia, prefer 2 artificial gods,Have via our needles created both one freduced,Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion,Both warbling of one song, both in one vital,As if our hands, our sides, voices and also minds,Had been incorporate. So we grow together,Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,But yet an union in partition;Two lovely berries moulded on one stem;So, with 2 seeming bodies, however one heart;Two of the initially, prefer coats in heraldry,Due yet to one and crowned with one crest.And will you rent our ancient love asunder,To join with guys in scorning your poor friend?It is not friendly, "tis not maidenly:Our sex, and also I, might chide you for it,Though I alone carry out feel the injury.



Hermia. I am amazed at your passionate words.I scorn you not: it appears that you scorn me.

Helena. Have you not set Lysander, as in scorn,To follow me and praise my eyes and also face?And made your other love, Demetrius,Who even but now did spurn me via his foot,To call me goddess, nymph, magnificent and rare,Precious, celestial? Wherefore speaks he thisTo her he hates? and also wherefore doth LysanderDeny your love, so affluent within his heart,And tender me, forsooth, affection,But by your setting on, by your consent?What assumed I be not so in grace as you,So hung upon with love, so fortunate,But miserable the majority of, to love unloved?This you must pity fairly than despise.



Hermia. I understand not what you suppose by this.

Helena. Ay, perform, persever before, counterfeit sad looks,Make mouths upon me as soon as I rotate my back;Wink each at other; organize the sweet jest up:This sport, well lugged, shall be chronicled.If you have any pity, grace, or manners,You would not make me such an debate.But fare ye well: "tis partly my very own fault;Which fatality or lack soon shall remedy.



Lysander. Stay, gentle Helena; hear my excuse:My love, my life my spirit, fair Helena!

Helena. O excellent!



Hermia. Do you not jest?

Helena. Yes, sooth; and so execute you.



Hermia. O me! you juggler! you canker-blossom!You thief of love! what, have actually you come by nightAnd stolen my love"s heart from him?

Helena. Fine, i"faith!Have you no modesty, no maiden shame,No touch of bashfulness? What, will certainly you tearImpatient answers from my gentle tongue?Fie, fie! you counterfeit, you puppet, you!



Hermia. Puppet? why so? ay, that way goes the game.Now I perceive that she hath made compareBetween our statures; she hath urged her height;And via her personage, her tall personage,Her elevation, forsooth, she hath prevail"d through him.And are you grvery own so high in his esteem;Since I am so dwarfish and so low?How low am I, thou painted maypole? speak;How low am I? I am not yet so lowBut that my nails can reach unto thine eyes.

Helena. I pray you, though you mock me, gentlemales,Let her not hurt me: I was never curst;I have no gift at all in shrewishness;I am a best maid for my cowardice:Let her not strike me. You maybe might think,Due to the fact that she is somepoint reduced than myself,That I have the right to complement her.



Hermia. Lower! hark, again.

Helena. Good Hermia, perform not be so bitter with me.I evermore did love you, Hermia,Did ever before store your counsels, never before wrong"d you;Save that, in love unto Demetrius,I told him of your stealth unto this timber.He follow"d you; for love I follow"d him;But he hath chid me hence and also threaten"d meTo strike me, spurn me, nay, to kill me too:And now, so you will let me quiet go,To Athens will I bear my folly backAnd follow you no further: let me go:You see exactly how easy and also exactly how fond I am.



Hermia. Why, obtain you gone: that is"t that hinders you?

Helena. A foolish heart, that I leave here behind.



Hermia. What, with Lysander?

Helena. With Demetrius.



Demetrius. No, sir, she shall not, though you take her component.

Helena. O, once she"s angry, she is keen and shrewd!She was a vixen once she saw school;And though she be but little, she is fierce.



Hermia. You, mistress and anxiety, all this coil is "long of you:Nay, go not back.

Helena. I will certainly not trust you, I,Nor much longer remain in your curst company.Your hands than mine are faster for a fray,My legs are much longer though, to run amethod.



(phase directions).

Helena. O weary night, O lengthy and also tedious night,Abate thy hour! Shine comforts from the east,That I may ago to Athens by daylight,From these that my bad company detest:And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow"s eye,Steal me awhile from mine very own agency.



Hermia. Methinks I check out these points via parted eye,When every point appears double.


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So methinks:And I have discovered Demetrius choose a jewel,Mine very own, and not mine very own.