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There is no college teacher in this department that does not have his abilities to carry out classroom monitoring.

Tright here is no school teacher in this department that does not have his ability to carry out classroom monitoring.

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Which is suitable, "ability" or "abilities"?



Both develops are grammatical. Which is better depends on what you"re trying to express.

The plural form argues a recommendation to certain techniques or approaches the teacher uses. For example:

To be an efficient teacher, you need (at least) three abilities:

Classroom management: the capacity to manage discipline. Teaching skills: the capability to imcomponent understanding. Subject knowledge: the expertise to imcomponent.

- changingminds.org

The singular form suggests a more natural skill:

While some felt that they were fortunate in having "natural" teaching capability, they all emphasised the considerable amount of time they had spent in lecture and resource preparation. - Characteristics of Good Teaching, UTS

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