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This well known line is spoken by Harry Bailey, played by Todd Karns, in It"s a Wonderful Life (directed by Frank Capra, 1946).

By the time this quote reflects up, we"ve experienced in addition to George Bailey for almost two hours. We"ve lived with his highs and also lows, rooted for him to acquire out of financial obstacle, cheered for Mr. Potter to step into an open manhole…all that great stuff.

Then, just as it seems George is around to be arrested for bank fraud bereason he can not situate the eight grand also that Uncle Billy misplaced and also can"t afford to pay it himself…the whole tvery own transforms out and also starts dumping piles of cash onto his table. 

Why can not we have actually neighbors favor that?

Harry Bailey (that would certainly have passed away as a young boy if it hadn"t been for his substantial bro), raises a glass to George and claims, "A toast to my substantial brvarious other George: the wealthiest guy in tvery own." There"s a round of cheers, and also hardly a dry eye in the house (or in any type of house wbelow this last scene is being viewed).

But…is George literally the richest guy in town? Nah. Harry is referring to the close-knit circle of family and also friends that George clearly has—this outpouring of love and also generosity is his true riches.

Shush. We don"t treatment if it"s cheesy. We"re bawling we"re eyes out and also we"re not also ashamed.

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Where you"ve heard it

It"s a Wonderful Life came out in 1946, so that has supplied the phrase "the richest guy in town" since then is entirely tipping their fedora to this classic—like the writer of the book The Richest Man in Tvery own, or this one by the founder of Worth magazine (although he might have actually missed the suggest of the line in the movie).

If anyone has ever described you as the wealthiest male in town, then you"re most likely doing something best. Chances are good that you"re beloved by your peers and also have actually a type and also generous heart. Either that, or you uncovered a briefinstance full of cash under an overpass and fairesulted in save it a secret.

Pretentious Factor

If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would you obtain an in-uniboy "awww" or would certainly everyone roll their eyes and never before invite you back? Here it is, on a range of 1-10.

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It"s a sweet moment, so we do not want to rag on it too much, yet utilizing the word "richest" metaphorically after the guy"s been gifted gobs of cashola? Yeah.