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As Star Wars has broadened its canon to brand-new personalities and also brand-new stories, I have actually acquired better at continuing to be amethod from the negative area. For the a lot of component, I take in what I am given, evaluate, either prefer it or don’t, then move on. In some instances, I learn to appreciate points (I have actually lastly accepted Porgs as a thing and just purchased something with Grogu’s face prominently displayed). But there are some famous characters in Star Wars that I have invested even more than enough time with in the films, streaming, novels, comics, and also, in some situations, every one of the above. I have actually dug deep, and have come up empty.

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Unfavor Grogu’s face, I can not ever before heat as much as any kind of of the adhering to characters:


Awkward | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

If you have actually read any kind of of my previous write-ups, this is much less of a surpincrease. I have the right to appreciate the groundbreaking depiction that this character presented at the time and he is a far-ranging component of what many consider the finest Star Wars film in The Realm Strikes Back. However before, I feel prefer this character’s story development has been level considering that the Initial Trilogy. He is even wearing the exact same outfit in The Rise of Skywalker as he is in Solo: A Star Wars Story (that’s about 48 years difference folks). And Lanexecute, like so many PoC characters, was just dropped in the Sequel Trilogy as a lazy form of appeasement.

The thing is, I don’t think I am in the minority below. While Lanexecute is put in many Star Wars content, his merchandise including activity figures is always left on the pegs at retail, his comic run was short-lived, and the film he played a big part in was the only box office bomb in the franchise. Lanexecute was Star Wars’ variation of a Blaxploitation character, however Star Wars never progressed the character to appeal to younger generations.

If his Disney Plus present actually gets made, maybe Lucasfilm have the right to ultimately give that character some development wright here he is not defined by his fashion, voice, or other surface-level features. Otherwise, I am all good on Lando content.

Doctor Aphra

9.8 CGC Doctor Aphra first appearance graded comics are cshedding in on 1K and also this is without a presence exterior of the comics | credit Marvel Comics

This is a complex one. I am apathetic in the direction of Doctor Aphra the character however fascinated by the civilization of Doctor Aphra. With a galaxy complete of lore, it was genius to create a Star Wars variation of Indiana Jones. I am curious about just how Lucasfilm will technique her sexuality if she gets her own show. Her queer identity is a large component of the character and it is the type of representation that will actually be groundbreaking (versus a peck on the lips in The Rise of Skywalker). I tapped out after Doctor Aphra Vol. 1 yet, depending upon what Lucasfilm does for the character on Disney Plus, I can readjust my mind. Her personality is borderline sociopathic in the comics and she exceptionally a lot operates in the grey room. That is somepoint I could see Disney softening in translation to live-action (or animated) but I hope not.

I know for sure that I am in the minority in not caring for the quirky tone her comic series and also audio drama have actually taken. But I think that they have actually handled translating publishing personalities to animation/live-activity well, so I think she can be a great enhancement whenever before they determined to present her to a bigger audience. I’ll wait for that day.


CB-23 (red and blue) is the desired BB unit in my family members | crmodify Lucasfilm ltd.

This could be unearned resentment from seeing my favorite droid, R2-D2, sidelined in the Sequel Trilogy, but I don’t gain it with this one. In The Force Awakens, BB-8 is supplied comparable to just how R2 was offered in A New Hope. He is a messenger whose function is to carry together the primary leads. But R2 was the initially, has been given considerable backstory given that, and had actually C-3P0 to play off of and provide comedic relief. C-3P0 would likely be on a lot of people’s list of unliked personalities however he compliments R2 so well that I cannot imagine one without the various other. BB-8 does not have another droid he deserve to connect through, which actually boundaries his display presence and reduces the character to just one more merchandising tool. Plus, tbelow is a BB-8 unit in Star Wars Resistance called CB-23 who is much better, and I am glad that she has also made it onto retail shelves.

The Mandalorian/ Din Djarin

Mando holding up the money maker | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Chalk this as much as minimum character development over 2 seasons. I recognize a lot of people would certainly disagree on that yet, for a character who owns the title role, Mando is regularly outshined by his co-leads and also guest stars. The character is regularly written as a vessel for explace for those other personalities versus the composing servicing his story. Specifically, as soon as you look at his conversation with Bo Katan, Ahsoka, and also Boba Fett in The Mandalorian seaboy two. All of those conversations indeveloped viewers even more around each of the others’ motivations than Mando’s motivations. The best character progression is Mancarry out inching closer to owning a droid.

Many of it is not the character’s fault (and also certainly not the fault of Pedro Pascal and his voice work). Jon Favreau and also Dave Filoni made the decision to consistently sideline Mando in his own present. It is no coincidence that seachild one’s success was due substantially to the development of Baby Yoda and also seakid two’s popularity bereason of the guest characters. The Mandalorian has done extremely well for Disney Plus so the decision was not necessarily wrong, however the result is that human being currently expect recognizable characters, in addition to Grogu’s rerotate, for the 3rd seachild. The most well-known episodes in seakid 2 connected Bo Katan, Ahsoka, Boba Fett, and Luke Skywalker. Boba Fett went on to have actually his own series, The Book of Boba Fett, and also Ahsoka will be released later on this year. It is additionally rumored that Bo Katan will certainly function heavily in The Mandalorian seakid three (the rumored last seakid of The Mandalorian). I will certainly give Lucasfilm crmodify though, none of this seems to matter as Mando’s solo episode of The Publication of Boba Fett (Chapter Five) created even more buzz for the show(and it could have actually been the a lot of story development Manexecute has actually gotten). But it is funny that in The Publication of Boba Fett Chapter Six, Manexecute finished up obtaining overshadowed aobtain by various other characters within a present wright here he overshadowed Boba Fett. Inception.

Count Dooku

Unfavor Maul, Dooku did not come earlier from the dead | crmodify Lucasfilm ltd.

Sure, if you have only seen the movies, you might view why I am including Dooku on this list. But Count Dooku is on this list via my canon understanding from The Clone Wars and also Star Wars novels favor Dark Disciple and Dooku: Jedi Lost. Dooku has an odd role to play in Star Wars canon as the intermediary between the even more interesting Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Not many world are even familiar via his Sith name, Darth Tyranus. Everyone around him is more interesting: his previous Master Yoda, all his previous apprentices, Qui-Gon, Rael Aveross, Asajj Ventris, Quinlan Vos, and Savage Opress. Beyond Darth Vader and Thrawn, I struggle via caring about older authoritative numbers in the Empire or linked to the Sith. I quit a third of the method through James Luceno’s Star Wars: Tarkin novel, and I strongly think the Imperial villain of The Aftermath Trilogy, Gallius Rax, made those publications practically unbearable. One of the major factors I am still maintaining up with the Thrawn novels is the back story of the Chiss Empire, which is far rerelocated from a Star Wars the majority of people are familiar through. Count Dooku just fits in that category of level antagonist that I never before cared to understand even more around. And now that I do, I still don’t care.

Emperor Palpatine (Original and also Sequel Trilogy)
Oh boy…| credit Lucasfilm ltd.

I am stressing the EMPEROR component because Chancellor Palpatine is actually a favorite. But Emperor Palpatine is a pretty forgettable character in the Initial Trilogy that was, like many type of, provided useful context with Prequel Trilogy content. Emperor Palpatine is the timeless villain that desires to ascendancy and also execute evil simply because…evil. He offered Vader’s storyline well once the Sith finally determined his boy over his Master and sent Palpatine plummeting to his first fatality. But we carry out not gain Palpatine’s incentive till the Prequel Trilogy and also subsequent content of his life before politics. Chancellor Palpatine is one of the ideal points around the Prequel era however Emperor Palpatine is an underwhelming final boss of the Initial and also Sequel Trilogy (and he is 0–2).

At leastern Chancellor Palpatine won in his trilogy.

Han Solo
Leia carries the majority of weight for Han | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Possibly the most controversial on this list. I can’t remember once I realized that I did not care around Han Solo as a lot as everyone else. It might have actually been in The Realm Strikes Back once they go to Cloud City and also Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite. I didn’t hate it. I obtained to live out the surpclimb twists of familial Star Wars reveals and still believed at that time that tright here was a legitimate love triangle in between Luke, Leia, and also Han.

I imagine that, at the time, the love of Han Solo was more attached to the idolization of a Gap cowboy who catches the eye of a Princess. But the character presented in the Initial Trilogy was didn’t work for me. And canon stories featuring the character did not aid.

Still, I was curious to view if my opinion would certainly adjust once the Sequel Trilogy came out. It did not. On the contrary, I think that The Force Awakens is a good film that starts to derail after Han Solo enters, coming to be an A New Hope play-by-play. The Force Awakens has done the finest project, because the Initial Trilogy, of presenting brand-new leads. You automatically recognize the motivations of Kylo, Poe, Finn, and Rey within minutes of meeting the characters. And Rey and Finn’s escape off of Jakku was a thrilling suffer watching in the theater.

Then Han Solo and Chewie enter, and also the film becomes a Shakespearean family drama focused on Ben Solo’s angst and also hatred in the direction of his father. I’m not saying Han Solo jinxed the film…yet he might have actually jinxed the film.

However, I did warmth as much as Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo. A lot of that is the actor’s chemisattempt via his co-leads, particularly Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelchild.

I could watch Harrikid Ford’s Indiana Jones all day (you understand I’m not counting Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). I think Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones and cannot imagine anyone else playing the character. But I deserve to only take so much of Ford’s Han Solo, so Han goes on the list.

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What execute you think of my list? Absolute crap? Agree or disagree? In a cosmos as substantial as Star Wars it is constantly amazing to hear what characters resonate with human being and which ones bacount make an impression.