Reader Question:“Hi Wally, I’m making use of Windows 7 Professional appropriate currently however I’m trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I tried upgrading to Windows 10 on a different laptop of the same type. It upgraded successfully but a trouble verified up. It checks compatibility and it states that the screen is not compatible. What is this and also exactly how have the right to I solve this? Thank You” – Mary M., Canada

Before addressing any computer problem, I always recommend scanning and also repairing any kind of underlying problems affecting your COMPUTER health and also performance:

Step 2 : Click “Start Scan” to find Windows regisattempt concerns that could be leading to COMPUTER problems.

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Tip 3 : Click “Repair All” to resolve all problems.

Setting up weekly (or daily) automatic scans will aid proccasion device troubles and save your PC running quick and also trouble-totally free.

Wally’s Answer: Upgrading to a brand-new version of Windows can be a really amazing suffer. Although it is rare, problems can pop up out of nowright here once performing a Windows upgrade.

Luckily, an error favor this is fairly basic to resolve. Please review till the finish of this article and also follow the instructions to deal with this difficulty.


The user is trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A compatibility error halts the upgrade procedure.

The display is not compatible through Windows 10, Check through the manufacturer for support



This error deserve to be led to by an incompatible Display driver set up on Windows 7.


Upgrading the screen driver in Windows 7 before beginning the upgrade procedure should solve the trouble.

If the driver is already at its latest variation, then please attempt uninstalling the Display Driver before upgrading to Windows 10.

Update The Display Driver in Windows 7 Before Upgrading to Windows 10

You have the right to upday tool vehicle drivers by going to your computer system manufacturer’s website. Look for your computer’s design on the webwebsite. After that, look for the display screen driver. Download the driver and install it in Windows.

If you’re utilizing a desktop computer then there’s a possibility that you’re using a tradition setup. In that case, look for the driver on the Graphics Card manufacturer’s website rather.

If you’re new to this and want an less complicated way to achieve these actions then please download and install DriverDoc. It will assist take care of everything from downloading the correct version of the driver for the correct variation of Windows to safely installing the driver in Windows.

If this doesn’t occupational, then attempt the complying with instructions

Uninstall The Display Driver Before Starting The Upgrade Process

Uninstall the screen driver in Windows 7 prior to upgrading to Windows 10. You can perform this from the Device Manager in Windows 7.

Press the Windows Key and also kind gadget manager to search for it. Click Device Manager from the list of search outcomes to launch it.

Once Device Manager opens up, expand Display adapters and look for your computer’s graphics adapter. If you’re not sure, then uninstall all items under Display adapters.

To uninstall, Right-Click on the item under Display adapters and click Uninstall.


Now, you’re prepared to upgrade to Windows 10. Once you have completed the upgrade to Windows 10, update the screen driver to its latest variation.

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Is Your COMPUTER Healthy?

I constantly recommfinish to my readers to on a regular basis usage a trusted regisattempt cleaner and also optimizer such as WinThruster or CCleaner. Many troubles that you encounter can be attributed to a corrupt and bloated registry.