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The 100,000-allude sign-up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is the best deal right now among take a trip rewards cards — and also tright here is a method to leverage a integrated function of some Chase cards to double your bonus.

If you and also your spouse or residential companion, or another perchild living with you, both get the card, you deserve to pool the bonprovides into one account and have 200,000 points to book flights and hotels.

Nick Ewen through his family.
“Chase allows you to integrate points through one member of your household, and it’s one strategy we’ve offered to make the most of the program’s bonus categories and transport partners,” says Nick Ewen, a senior editor at The Points Guy that frequently combines Chase points with his wife. (The Points Guy is owned by Red Ventures, prefer NextAdvisor.)
The only condition is that you need to share an attend to and that both cardholders fulfill the spending need to acquire the bonus, which is $4,000 in the first 3 months given that account opening. This matters particularly currently, given that there’s never before been a much better soimg.org to authorize up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

The card’s elevated welcome bonus of 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points, up from an previously promovement supplying 80,000 points, is worth around $1,250 when reunderstood for take a trip, according to Chase.

If you follow Ewen’s advice and combine 2 Sapphire Preferred bonuses, you and a spousage or residential companion can score together a merged value of $2,500.

Even through the $95 annual fee for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, the worth you’d get from two sign-up bonuses makes it an attractive proposition.

You have the right to use the exact same tactic to incorporate points from a number of various other Chase cards, as well — whether they’re your cards or belengthy to your partner or various other family members member. Doing so is a savvy points-earning strategy that can assist you maximize your redemption worth.

Pro Tip

You have the right to just carry points between Chase cards that take part in the Ultimate Rewards regime, including the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Freedom Limitless, Chase Freedom Flex and also a few even more.

Here’s exactly how you and also your spousage or residential companion deserve to pool your Chase points right into a solitary account, whether they come from two Chase Sapphire Preferreds, or one Preferred and also an additional Chase card, or two different Chase cards altogether, gave they earn Ultimate Rewards points or cash ago that deserve to be turned right into points. The exact same strategy have the right to use to cards that are exclusively yours, as well.

How to Pool Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

If you link 2 crmodify card accounts that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points, or cash ago that deserve to be turned into points, you have the right to leverage this strategy to pool your revenue for even more firepower.
That’s what Ewen and his wife Lillian have actually been doing for years, pooling their Chase Ultimate Rewards points in a solitary account. He has actually the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, his wife has actually 2 Chase cards that earn cash ago, and also their accounts are attached, so she sends him her points every few months.

This maximizes what they can do via their points, because they are worth more—1.5 cent each— when reunderstood from a Sapphire Reserve account, as opposed to 1.25 or even 1 cent from other Chase cards.

“I have added my Sapphire Reserve to her online Chase account so she have the right to move her points to my Ultimate Rewards account. We don’t wait until we’re all set to book a expedition to incorporate our points,” states Ewen. Now, the Ewens are “strongly considering having actually her apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card many thanks to the existing market, as the added 100,000 points would go a long method towards future trips,” he states.

Until newly, you were able to include an additional household member virtual, however currently the initial setup of this procedure takes a small even more initiative. You have to contact Chase to include a family members member, but it’s just a one-soimg.org necessity. Chase’s meaning of “family member” is relatively loose, but you’ll have to have actually the exact same attend to and also carry out the person’s last name and crmodify card number to add them to your account.
Once the account is added, it’ll reprimary tbelow for point transfers later on. Pooling Ultimate Rewards points into one more Chase credit card account is totally complimentary, and also you have the right to move any number of points in between your accounts. Keep in mind that you’ll want to prevent adding your spousage or companion as an authorized user to your account; you’re looking to open a totality sepaprice account instead.

You have the right to additionally pool Ultimate Rewards points throughout every one of your very own accounts, too—no partner or other family members member needed.

In either situation, sign into your Ultimate Rewards account, click on the card you would certainly like to carry cards from, and also then click “Combine Points” from the sidebar menu. You’ll desire to deliver points to either a Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred card, relying on which one you have. They are worth 1.5 cents per allude or 1.25 cents per suggest, respectively, when rereputed through the portal.

An essential caveat here is that Chase does not enable cardholders to have actually both the Sapphire Reserve and also Sapphire Preferred cards at the exact same soimg.org. You need to pick one. The excellent news is that the Preferred’s present 100,000-point bonus is much more attractive than the Reserve’s, which has actually a steep $550 annual fee and uses a slew of elite perks but has actually a bonus of 60,000 points, with the same spfinishing requirements.

Bottom Line

Couples and even household members in the exact same household have the right to leverage “two-player mode” to pool their bonoffers and also rewards from some Chase crmodify cards.
Since of the Sapphire Preferred’s lucrative sign-up bonus best now, the the majority of strategic relocate is for you and also your partner to each get the card, gave you both have actually excellent crmodify scores and also are able to pay off your balances each month.

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That means, you have the right to each earn the 100,000-suggest sign-up bonus and usage the points to book travel together. And remember, don’t add each various other as authorized customers or you would certainly void this tactic.