Callicoon is a tvery own in Sullivan County, New York, developed in 1842 from the Tvery own of Liberty.

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The original spelling of the name was “Collikoon.” This name is shelp to denote “turkey” in both Dutch and also Choctaw.

Callicoon is a beautiful hamlet steeped in history and also rich in sightseeing possibilities, nestled in the foothills of the Catability Mountains, wright here eagles soar overhead.

Whether you continue to be for a day, a weekfinish, or a much longer duration, Callicoon has actually a lot to sell and also will certainly save you coming back.

So if you’re looking for some of the finest things to do in Callicoon, NY, then be certain to examine out this top ten list!

1. Delconscious Youth Center


8 Creamery Rd.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-5155

The Delmindful Youth Center (a.k.a Delconscious Community Center) began in the 1930′s as the Delconscious Athletic Association. They readjusted the name to Delmindful Youth Center in 1952.

Why You Should Go

One of the complimentary things to execute in Callicoon that you can love is meeting new people at this center. It’s a wonderful chance to gather together, socialize, have fun, and learn so a lot more.

It’s among the height points to perform in Callicoon through kids, teenagers, and adults aprefer.

What to Do

Take swimming lessons or play sports such as tennis, basketround, and also soccer. You might likewise try out skating at the skatepark or letting the youngsters have a blast at their state-of-the-art playground.

2. Callicoon Farmers Market


23 Dorrer Dr.Callicoon, NY 12723

The Callicoon Farmers’ Market is a member of the Sullivan County Farmers’ Markets Association. The Association is a farmer/vendor-run, not-for-profit, operating markets in Callicoon, Jeffersonville, and Liberty.

The Callicoon Farmers’ Market has actually been open up because 2000.

Why You Should Go

If you’re searching for some downtvery own spots to visit for fresh products for your kitchen or also decors, this is the perfect spot for you. You’ll uncover an assortment of so many type of various points, such as food and drinks to jewelry and crafts.

What to Do

Walk past the many sellers and also enjoy the treasures you’ll uncover. There’s so much to view and taste you can be going residence with a few baskets of products.

3. Callicoon Theater


30 Upper Key St.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-4460

The Callicoon Theater was developed in 1948 and is the oldest continually operated cinema in Sullivan County, New York. The theater has 380 seats, via timeless styles and feels yet a modern-day cinematic suffer.

Why You Should Go

Looking for a blast and some favorite points to carry out in Callicoon at night? This theater is a knockout through its cinjury and also historical art decorations.

It’s additionally perfect if you’re trying to find some of the most romantic points to execute in Callicoon for couples. Take your one-of-a-kind someone, household, or friends to this timeless cinematic experience.

What to Do

This theater is even more than simply a area to watch movies in. Enjoy a fun mix of brand-new releases, cinema standards, regional film festivals, cult film throwbacks, and also live music events.

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4. Rafter’s Tavern


28 Upper Main St.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-9882

Rafter’s Tavern is a restaurant and also art gallery owned by the Brewsters.

Why You Should Go

Enjoying a delicious meal via live music is among the many significant indoor stuff to perform when it’s raining or cold. Enjoy the company of your friends and also family as you savor the tavern-like ambiance of this distinct restaurant.

What to Do

Choose from their food selection and also fill your bellies via delicious goodness as you listen to live music. There’s even an art gallery you could look at.

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5. Peppino’s


31 Lower Main StreetCallicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-6767

Peppino’s is an Italian restaurant that is headed by Giuseppe. It’s also the town’s oldest pizzeria.

Why You Should Go

Craving pizza? If you’re searching for nice locations to visit in Callicoon after checking out the sights to see this weekend, head over to this restaurant for something distinctive.

Peppino’s is more than simply a pizza area. They offer other mouth-watering Italian cuisines that you’ll absolutely love, featuring the finest top quality mozzarella cheese you’ll discover.

What to Do

Enjoy nightly specialty dishes, varying from certified Angus steak or salmon topped through homemade fried onions & a horseradish cream sauce to mushroom Sacchetti pasta, tossed in a gorgonzola cream sauce.

Relax with a signature cocktail or indulge through a decadent dessert. Choose from their substantial wine, beer & liquor selection.

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6. Spruce Home Goods


35 Lower Key St.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-3202

Spruce Home Goods is a basic save that opened in Callicoon in 2018. It is owned by Kim Alke.

Why You Should Go

A modern take on the basic store, Spruce Home Goods is a area for visitors and locals to feel at home. It’s one of the locations to go this day for whatever food you’re craving.

What to Do

Sheight by for gourmet cheese, fresh baked products, eggs and also flowers, sourced from neighborhood farms.

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7. The Upper Delconscious River


274 River RoadBeach Lake, PA 18405(570) 685-4871

The Delmindful River is a major river on the Atlantic coastline of the USA. It drains 13,539 square miles in 4 UNITED STATE states: Delmindful, New Jersey, New York, and also Pennsylvania.

The river’s length, consisting of its two branches, is 388 miles (624 km).

The Delconscious River is just one of nineteenager “Great Waters” known by America’s Great Waters Coalition.

Why You Should Go

You won’t want to miss out exploring one of the most stunning rivers in America, carry out you? If you’re looking for some cheap tasks to execute, examine out the shops and also recreational centers along this river for some awesome fun.

What to Do

Enjoy the many water sport activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing, swimming and fishing, and also eagle watching.

Many type of neighborhood NYS accesses along State Route 52, 17B, and also the Delaware River to fish or fly fish.

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8. Golf Club Housage Villa Roma Resort


356 Villa Roma Rd.Callicoon, NY 12723(800) 533-6767

The Golf Club Housage Villa Roma Retype is a part of the local favorite Villa Roma Retype establimelted in 1969. It is a family-owned resort bought by Marty Passante.

Why You Should Go

Sometimes it pays to unwind through a relaxing game of golf. This sport won’t be running last in your list of fun things to do in Callicoon, NY. And via views this stunning, You won’t even alert the time go by.

What to Do

Enjoy the comfort and also beautiful scenery this rekind offers as you test your swing arm and aim at a game or 2 through friends. Grab a drink or two at the nearby bar while you wait for your revolve.

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9. Lee Hartwell Antiques


33 Lower Main St.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-6727

Lee Hartwell Antiques is an antique keep that was opened up in 2006 by Lee Hartwell.

Why You Should Go

Lee Hartwell Antiques prides itself on its varied and unexplained pieces, and also you have the right to nearly ensure that you’ll leave with one-of-a-type antiques.

It’s definitely one of the most distinctive points to check out in Callicoon, given how rare some items are.

The estate jewelry items are some of the the majority of extraplain points on sale at this firm.

What to Do

Look with some of the vintage items and be chequipped into buying some to take house with you.

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10. Callicoon Brewing Company


15 Upper Main St.Callicoon, NY 12723(845) 887-5500

The Callicoon Brewing Company type of is a beer pub that was establimelted in July 2013. It is owned and also established by Jim Wilson.

Why You Should Go

If you love beer, then go grab a pint at this pub. After exploring the many kind of cool attractions in Callicoon, NY, you could require a refresher. Who doesn’t love a delicious pint of cold, freshly brewed beer?

With this brewing firm located cshed to the Delconscious River, the stunning scenery won’t disapallude you.

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What to Do

Sit earlier, relax, have a beer, enjoy excellent agency, and bask in the beautiful scenery and picturesque surroundings of the place. You’re not going to want to miss out on among the ideal points to do in Callicoon, NY.