Brandon Rogers (previously known as "hotbananastud") is a YouTube comedian well-known for his viral videos that employ high manufacturing values and also a mutual narrative through-line with off-color, and often offensive, humor, alongside the multitude of characters and stereokinds he portrays in his videos, similar to the videos of Filthy Frank or Shane Dawchild. Since the production of his channel he has actually obtained more than 3 million subscribers as of 2018.

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Brandon created his YouTube account on January 7, 2006. On December sixth of that year he uploaded his first video "Celebrity Impressions"(displayed below) which to day has over 800,000 views. His first series, Theater Class, premiered on April 17, 2009 and also ended on May 20th, 2012 through 2 seasons and 24 episodes full.<1>

He would certainly later go on to develop sketch videos and also parodies, acting as miscellaneous recurring characters. His first character "Grandpa" was influenced by his very own grandpa and also first appeared on December 16, 2008. One of his a lot of well-known characters "Helen" debuted on November 5, 2015, wright here she is a detention manager of a primary institution.

His one million subscriber special "A Day at the Park" was uploaded on April 2016. The video is his a lot of popular video to day, via even more than 28.3 million views. The video functions his "Mom" character taking her daughter to a field expedition, connecting via Brandon"s many kind of various other personalities.

Brandon has later functioned on series such as Magic Funhouse on Fulldisplay and also Stuff and Sam on his own channel.






Brandon has come to be well known for his crude and exaggerative humor in his videos, regularly being featured in social media sites. In October 2015, a clip from his video "Grandpa Hates Valentimes" was uploaded on Vine, mirroring Grandpa saying "Try me, bitch" to among his grandkids after the kid threw candy at him.<2> It ended up being one of his many memorable catchphrases, with the clip having actually over 22.5 million views (as of late January 2018).

A more renowned Vine clip from one of his videos is his "There is just one thing worse than a rapist" joke, taken from the second episode of his "Neighborhood Patrol" series.<3> The clip has even more than 99 million views, and also more than 17,000 upvotes on the /r/videos subreddit.

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His content has actually also been featured twice in The Fine Brothers" REACT series: the first reacting to his "Try me, bitch" Vine, and also the second reacting to his sketch comedy videos. Brandon uploaded his reaction to the Adults React video (below, right) on January 21, 2018.<5>