Fear the Walking Dead Seaboy 6 Episode 8 featured high stakes and also many type of payoffs, also if we did shed among the best personalities on the display.

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What the franchise does well, in basic, is psychological health. Many type of of these characters have gone with so much, from making it through deadly encounters via the undead to shedding civilization they love, and everyone has actually a breaking allude.


John bailing on June throughout the initially half of Fear the Walking Dead Seachild 6 was a large turning suggest, suggesting there was somepoint else going on that we were not privy to.


He was all set to end his life and view what taken place after, but Mbody organ was not the kind of person to let someone he cared for sink into oblivion.

If you watch Fear the Walking Dead virtual, you know John questioning his life has actually not been discomparable to Morgan"s arc that began on The Walking Dead Season 1.

Having a character prefer Mbody organ serve as the emotional roadblock that wouldn"t enable the unpreventable to occur was a surprisingly reliable method to show just how much Morgan has actually come as a character.

The midseachild premiere excelled due to this, but in this franchise, happy endings are a international idea, so it was unavoidable somepoint astronomical would adjust things for every one of the personalities.


Dakota being a ruthless killer felt out of the simple initially, yet once we acquired to the root of her rage, it became straightforward to check out that every one of her actions have been around the takedvery own of her sister, Ginny.

But, tright here are no excuses for Dakota"s actions. She killed human being just to press her agenda that she desires her sister"s head on a plate.

For a young girl, that"s heavy, yet in the age of the apocalypse, civilization think through weapons instead of their minds, I guess.

All of the insanity on the bridge was tough to watch bereason you could view Dakota"s demeanor completely adjust once John recognized the knife.


Dakota kbrand-new the net was cshedding in, so she did the only point she thought would permit her to go undetected.

Shooting John seemed choose the type of storyline hurled right into a midseaboy premiere for shock value, to not only raise the stakes yet kick off a large revenge arc.

June stepping in to save her injured husband also was as tragic as you would certainly expect, greatly once he emerged from the water as a freaking zombie.

Garrett Dillahunt lugged a various power to the series when he arrived on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, and also while the composing for the various other personalities was utterly disastrous on Fear the Walking Dead Seaboy 5, someexactly how, John obtained some decent product consistently.


His fatality will have actually a far-reaching impact on the characters because he made such an impact on them.

He served as a voice of factor in the face of excessive adversity, so his lack will be felt in the long run.

June, on the other hand also, will certainly be unable to forprovide herself for not finding him sooner.

The emotional beats of June"s happiness at him floating in the direction of her up the stream, to the harsh realization that she had actually to pull the trigger to prevent him from eating her, was another well-acted scene from Jenna Elfguy.

Will this further fuel June"s hate for Ginny, or will certainly it fuel her desire to have actually a neighborhood that will allow everyone that escaped Ginny"s clutches to make their means to a safe haven?

With all of these various factions at play, the moving of the chess pieces will certainly be the deciding factor on what becomes of every one of the personalities as they attempt to move on.

Dakota controlled to slip under the radar via her "I"m a teenager, and also I hate my sister" strategy, yet currently that she"s been exposed as this merciless killer, her opportunities of survival for a lot much longer are probably not decent.

Telling Mbody organ that his sole function wregarding kill Ginny and also that"s the only factor he"s alive was a little a lot, but for someone so young, Dakota was excellent at steering the conversation in whatever before direction she wanted.

I can"t be the only one yearning for Madison"s rerotate that desperately wanted it to be her who conserved Morgan at Humbug"s Gulch.

Madison"s surprise comeearlier would certainly be the perfect method to throw it back to the people we started this series with.

Madison"s fatality on Fear the Walking Dead Seaboy 4 was poorly tackled, yet it"s tough not to host on to the hope that she did somehow make it through the fire.

"The Door" was more than likely the strongest premiere in series background.

Maybe it"s because it was meant to be the midseaboy finale, however it was the perfect method to lug the display earlier in a big way.

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What did you think of John"s death? Was it tackled well? How around Dakota as this teen killer?

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