Students will be able to note the structures regarded skin and scalp location. Keep in mind the kinds of conditions that would certainly should be referred to a doctor instead of being treated by a cosmetologist.

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The clinical examine of the hair, its illness, and care is called
The 2 components of a mature strand of human hair are thehair shaft and hair
The tube-like depression or pocket in the skin or scalp that has the hair root is thefollicle
Hair follicles are NOT found on thesoles of the feet
The _______ is a tiny, involuntary muscle in the base of the hair folliclearrector pili
An oily substance secreted from the sebaceous glands issebum
For chemicals to pass through a healthy cuticle hair layer, they need to havean alkaline pH
The medulla is written of _______ cells.round
The process through which living cells mature and also start their journey up the hair shaft iskeratinization
The 5 primary facets that make up the chemical complace of huguy hair are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, andnitrogen and sulfur
The chemical bonds that host together the amino acid molecules are calledpeptide bonds
Which type of melanin provides organic colors ranging from red and also ginger to yellow and bond tonespheomelanin
Asians tfinish to haveextremely right hair
To assist minimize tangles in incredibly curly hair as soon as washing, you must usea detangling rinse
Hair texture is classified ascoarse, medium, or fine
The measurement of individual hair strands on 1 square inch of the scalp ishair density
Contrasted to hair through high porosity, chemical solutions perdeveloped on hair through low porosity requireeven more alkaline solutions
Wet hair through normal eleasticity will certainly stretch up to ____ of its original length50 percent
Oily scalp and hair have the right to be treated by properly washing itvia normalizing shampoo
Which kind of hair almost never before has actually a medullavellus
The growth phrase in the time of which brand-new hair is produced isanagen
The average growth of healthy scalp hair is1 inch per month
The technical term provided to explain gray hair iscanities
A condition of abnormal hair development on areas of the body ishypertrichosis
The medical term for dandruff ispityriasis
The body have the right to produce 11 of the 20 ____ that comprise hair.amino acids
Salt bonds account for around ______ of the hair's all at once
The anagen phase mostly lasts from three to fiveyears
Scalp hair grows _____ on womales than on men.faster
The _____ phase signals the end of the expansion phase.catagen
Scalp massage ____ hair growth.does not affect
Compared to pigmented hair, gray hair is:neither coarser nor even more resistant
Cross-sections of hairhave the right to be almost any shape
Bald guys are typically viewed asless successful
By age 35, practically ______ percent of both males and women present some level of hair loss40
Finasteride is an dental prescription medication for hair loss that is intended formales only
Congenital canities manifestsat or before birth
Dandruff have the right to easily be mistaken fordry scalp
Dandruff is thought to be resulted in by afungus
The many typically encountered fungal infection resulting from hair solutions istinea barbae
Tinea is identified byitching
The infestation of the hair and scalp through head lice is calledpediculosis capitis
A carbuncle is similar to a furuncle, however islarger
Fine hair is ______ than coarse or medium hair,even more fragile
Coarse hairis stronger than fine hair
The ____ is the outerthe majority of layer of cuticle
The oil glands in the skin that are linked to the hair follicles are the ______ glands.sebaceous
A ____ bond is a physical bond quickly damaged by water or warmth.hydrogen
Hair is roughly _____ percent protein.90
Total scalp hair loss is well-known asalopecia totalis
Hypertrichosis is alkid known ashirsuties
The naturally developing fungus that reasons the symptoms of dandruff once it grows out of regulate ismalassezia
The ______ is the lowest component of a hair bulb
The technological term for beaded hair ismonilethrix
A highly infectious skin illness brought about by a parasite dubbed a mite that burrows under the skin isscabies
The term for the spiral form of a coiled protein ishelix
Shaving, clipping, and also cutting the hair on the headhas actually no effect on hair growth
Dry, sulfur-yellow, cup-like crusts on the scalp are calledscutula
The _____ are part of the integumentary, skin,nails, and glands
The lengthy, coarse, pigmented hair found on the scalp, legs, arms, and also bodies of males and females is dubbed ______.

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terminal hair
The technical term for knotted hair istrichorrhexis nodosa
The ______ is the innermost layer of the hair.medulla
Hair that develops in a circular pattern on the crvery own of the head is calledwhorl
The component of the hair located listed below the surface of the epidermis is thehair root
A tuft of hair that stands right up is acowlick
The ability of the hair to absorb moisture is calledhair porosity
The middle layer of the hair is thecortex
An autoimmune disorder that causes impacted hair follicles to be incorrectly assaulted by a person's very own immune mechanism isalopecia areata
Vellus hair is additionally well-known aslanugo hair
The clinical term for ringworm istinea