What’s funny is that in the threview about that episode (it was the first one ago from the strike) there were a number of human being who assumed that skit was among the finest from that episode.

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Haven’t watched SNL in a while.

Not feeling the urge to do so aacquire after seeing that.

It might acquire worse.


What’s funny is that in the thread around that episode (it was the first one earlier from the strike) there were a number of people that thought that skit was one of the best from that episode.

Yeah, a frifinish of mine who’d seen the movie loved it, for Hader’s impression of Daniel Day-Lewis.

Even for the already-low criteria of an internet “Oh noes! SNL sucks now!” threview, this is pretty weak. All it is is more evidence that SNL has actually a solid cast, hobbled by weak and/or lazy writing. “Hader does an excellent Daniel Day-Lewis impression! Do we create a sketch about it, or just develop a collection for the first idea that springs to mind?” “Kristen Wiig does a good Bjork! Let’s simply put her on display for a while; we don’t must come up via a concept!” Which proves what I’ve constantly said: tright here is no areas for writers in the sketch comedy industry.

Sometimes it even functions, prefer via that lame and sensibly noticeable “The Other Other Boleyn Girl” commercial that had me cracking up just over Wiig’s character. And tbelow are the occasional stand-out moments once they actually bother to come up via a idea. The show really just needs to be reduced dvery own to an hour lengthy, which has actually been true for the past couple of years.

I second the hour-long size idea. The first post-strike episode was all right. The one via Amy Adams hosting was truly horrible–I think I smiled when or twice during the Weekfinish Upday and also that was it. This last one was better, but they’ve got to acquire another writer as good as Tina Fey on that display stat. I simply watched a rerun from early 2002 and also it was truly funny, not because the cast was even more talented but because the jokes/gags were.

That wasn’t so bad. I chuckled a pair times and if nothing else, at leastern it was a great Daniel Day-Lewis impression.

It’s infinitely funnier than those cheerleader sketches Will Ferrel and that various other girl supplied to perform.

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Put me in the “that wasn’t so bad” camp. In reality, as soon as it gets dark, I might also sneak out and also go over to the “ha ha, that was funny!” camp. However before, a) I am easily amused, and b) I love me an excellent Daniel Plainwatch impression. So there’s that.