Long-broiling tensions ultimately boil over in Yellowrock episode 6. All season, the creating was on the wall: Rip vs. Lloyd, Lloyd vs. Walker, Rip vs. Lloyd vs Walker, Beth vs. Jamie, Jamie vs. himself vs. Garrett vs. John, John vs. a quiet breakrapid. It all hit the fan.

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Episode 6 featured the the majority of interindividual matchups yet this season, all while teasing—already more than halfmethod via the season—more drama on the horizon, including theft on the reservation and even more bloodburned in the bunkhome.

For fans waiting to learn more about the attack on the Duttons, which, in many type of methods, was the impetus for the entire season’s drama (because decreased to a minor memory), we confirm what we’ve currently known: Garrett Randall did indeed hire Riggins to orchestprice the assassination. His thinking, but, seems somepoint of a stretch (yet we’ll get to all that).

The largest advancements of episode 6, however, had actually nothing to do through this as a whole plotline, however fairly the incredibly minute tiffs in between personalities many kind of of us are already souring over: Lloyd and also Walker fighting over a girl, Beth and also Summer fighting over pet ethics, and Jamie and also Beth fighting over ... well, that fight, so much, remains only vague-sounding risks. For all the punches thrown and also weapons attracted this week, not a whole lot was resolved; we’re no closer to discovering Garrett’s actual plan (if he has one) and also, as much as the political hazard to the Dutton family, Market Equities and also Rainwater reprimary a non-entity in what was when a heated land fight.

We’re gonna gain some power moves among these weeks, right? Right??

Here’s what occurred in episode 6

Jimmy, the (Almost) Cowboy


After weeks of teasing a showdown, Lloyd lastly strikes Walker for actual, smashing his guitar and also stabbing him in the upper chest with a knife. The strike comes after a conversation with Carter, where Lloyd claims he is an outactors however will not apologize. Minutes later, he’s bound on the roadside, where Rip and John comment on what to execute with him; at the exact same time, Walker has the knife removed from his chest. John decides to make Walker and also Lloyd officially fight it out—a punishment which seems to likewise condone the one bunkhome dominance neither had actually followed—and also better declares No Girls Allowed in the bunkhouse anymore, forcing Laramie and Teeter out. Teeter is pissed. We’re pissed for Teeter. C’mon, John.

Later, Lloyd and also Walker fight for an unrealistic amount of time before Rip measures in and finishes points, breaking Lloyd’s hands “for his own excellent.” Rip then walks up a hill. Behind him, Carter declares he knows what he desires to be once he grows up. He points at Rip: him. Ah, duty models.

The Real Housage Daughters of Montana


After Beth asks a quizzical Rip to take her on a horseago ride, she enters the Dutton kitchen to uncover Summer without pants and also wearing John’s shirt. (Turns out that after their ride from Jail, Summer and John obtained to knowledge each various other also better; the romance none of us wanted is what we’re all gaining, apparently.) Beth freaks out for some reason and calls Summer a whore. They then eat breakrapid together, where Beth roasts Summer’s diet and also the Dutton chef someexactly how doesn’t know the word “gluten.” The entire roundtable appears to be an amusing jab at veganism, though it plays out like a straw guy takedvery own. Summer’s character so far has actually been little bit more than an amalgamation of vague liberal talking points. To what end? We’re not really certain.

Later Summer—who we’re inexplicably made mindful during more than one conversation is Beth’s age—rides via John ago into town. They speak to tfinish to a calf who wandered through the fence. John’s actions someexactly how offfinish Summer, and also she decides to walk residence.

We’re not really certain what’s going on below. Perhaps Summer feels shame for having actually indulged in a “cowboy fantasy” through John despite her vague ideas that all forms of ranching are wrong. Whether her character will certainly prove to be an actual obstacle to the Dutloads, or ssuggest a half-hearted ethical counterpoint, only time can tell.

Fixer Upper


Kayce and Monica become homeowners! They buy and then quickly after relocate into a brand-new home throughout the episode. Tate plays with a dog in the front yard. Monica doesn’t hate Kayce anyeven more. All is great.

Kayce then gets a occupational contact. He, Monica, and also Tate drive to the edge of reservation land also wright here a racing family members reported a theft of their equines. Kayce and also Rainwater speak to the family, which contains a previous Yellowstone rancher, Aextremely. Monica senses background in between Kayce and Avery (the two were flirtations during Monica’s split from Kayce; Kayce, yet, never before acted on these vibes). Monica gets mad. She’s still mad later on in the episode.

Ethics 101 with Professor Garrett Randall

Jamie ultimately confronts Garrett, adhering to his discovery that Garrett hired Riggins to kill John, Kayce, and also Beth. Jamie, gun drawn, appears all set to arrest his father, however Garrett sits down and also explains moral relativism to Jamie—just how “right” and “wrong” are simply words men created to shame various other men and also tright here is no such thing as “right” and also “wrong.” Also, yes, he hired Riggins to kill John and also Jamie"s siblings, however, hey, he did it for Jamie—so that Jamie might complimentary himself from John’s clutches and also be his own male. The 2 then hug.

It’s all very quick and suspect and also confutilizing, yet it seems Jamie is once again swinging earlier toward Team Randall.

Later, Jamie unexpectedly meets Beth in his office. Beth states she’s coming for him.

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