The Reader"s Den: Flannery O"Connor"s "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" by Corinne Neary, Library Manager, Tompkins Square LibraryMarch 11, 2014

A gravel road in Texas. Image ID: 92668Flannery O"Connor"s "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" was initially published in the 1955 brief story arsenal, A Good Man is Hard to Find. Like many type of of her short stories, it centers around the appearance of a stranger on the horizon, (literally, in this case!) and that stranger"s effect on the stays of others.

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Lucynell Crater and her daughter, Lucynell, who have the right to not hear or soptimal, sit on the porch watching the sun collection, once a male shows up in the distance. In this remote and desolate landscape, Mrs. Crater have the right to see from a distance that the male is a "tramp" through one arm, and a slight number. Long before he reaches her porch, she has actually judged him "no one to be afrhelp of," however as is regularly the instance in O"Connor"s stories, she turns out to be badly mistaken.

O"Connor automatically sets the old womale up as someone that thinks of herself as a good judge of human being. As the reader, perform you take any pleacertain in the fact that she transforms out not to be?What do you think Tom Shiftlet is trying to say when he repetitively talks about the human heart, and also how doctors understand no even more about it than anyone else? Is he trying to convey some kind of spirituality? Or probably that tbelow is no means of really learning anything in this world?

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Tom asks the majority of stselection concerns of the old woguy, but she is so concentrated on trying to snare him as a child in regulation for her daughter, that she doesn"t sheight to question his odd behavior.

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What execute you think O"Connor is trying to say here?How does the starkness of the setting influence the story?Why does Tom marry and abandon the young Lucynell? Wouldn"t he have actually been able to steal the auto without doing so?What is the definition of the hitchhiker Tom picks up? Why does Tom start informing the boy about his own mommy, and why does the boy react the method he does?

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