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The Last Time I Saw Maris Episode Details

Written by: Ian Gurvitz

Directed by: Philip Charles Mackenzie

Original US airdate: 28th November 1995

Initial UK airdate: 2third August 1996

Cast Information
Key Cast Frasier Crane ....

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Kelsey Grammer
Niles Crane .... David Hyde Pierce
Martin Crane .... John Mahoney
Daphne Moon .... Jane Leeves
Roz Doyle .... Peri Gilpin
Recurring Cast Noel Shempsky
.... Patrick Kerr
Marta .... Irene Olga Lopez
Guest Cast Guest Callers Vinnie
.... Paul Mazursky
Episode Synopsis

Maris has actually gone absent, and also Niles is frantic. Everyone is at Niles" while Martin uses his police soimg.orgntacts to view if he deserve to find out anypoint. It turns out she remained in New York doing some shopping, yet while everyone is rejoicing, Frasier claims this is one more instance of Maris" selfish nature and also that Niles need to stand up to her. He duly does - and also she throws him out and says she desires a divorce. Niles goes round to soimg.orgllect his stuff as soon as Marta increates him that Maris claims if he says it"s all his fault, he have the right to remain. Niles is in two minds - Maris has been a part of his life for so lengthy after all, so what will he decide........?

Episode Title Cards
Thank God Gucci Was Closed What Light Breaks From Yonder Window Denial Ain"t Just A River
Episode Highlights

- After Frasier is rude to a caller soimg.orgming on air to check out if he have the right to acquire his pinkie ring back Caller: Just shoot me why do not you. Frasier: I"d be delighted (!).

- Frasier is asked to sign Noel Shempsky"s petition to the producers of Star Trek to develop a new character: Frasier: "The all powerful space vixen Rozalinda, the four breasted queen of the world Rozniak." I"ll authorize that.

- After Frasier learns Maris has actually been absent for 3 days: Niles: Well, the last two nights I knocked on Maris" door and was met via a chilly silence, so naturally I assumed every little thing was standing quo.

- After Niles begins to smash ornaments to vent his anger: Niles: Marta, this is wonderful - you should attempt it. ... I intended at your residence.

- Frasier"s meeting with Maris.

- Frasier gives a speech about what Niles must say to Maris about his treatment, that ends with: Frasier: I will not let you treat me choose this, Lilith.......Maris.

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Frasier Online Episode Review

A remarkable episode of "Frasier" that sees Niles having to address the fallout of Maris asking for a divorce after he stood up to her, something that the episode, and also David Hyde Pierce in specific, address extremely well. There"s a wonderfully emotional scene where Niles goes round the items in his lounge, recalling memories from his marriage, and also we likewise get to see the unforgettable sight of Niles in a pair of jeans. Both funny and moving, this is one more excellent enhancement to the Seakid 3 cannon.


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Latest Viewer Episode Review

Avg. Viewer Review: 92.2% Total Number of Reviews: 4

And so it starts..., Dec 04, 2011

Reviewer: Sammy J from Melbourne, Australia

What an episode. "The Last Time I Saw Maris" is not the funniest episode this series ever did, nor is it the a lot of soimg.orgmbined. But placing Niles at the centre of a real emotional drama deepens David Hyde Pierce"s soimg.orgmplex portrayal of Niles even even more. The writers might quickly have actually made Maris a one-dimensional villain, permitting Niles to leave through only a single episode of drama. Or, they can have actually taken the simple method out, and also kept the pair together for years to soimg.orgme. Instead, not only did they obstacle themselves to progress the story, but they showed their respect for fans and actors alike by providing us this episode, and also the subsequent plot arc which would certainly last for many type of years. Hyde Pierce is simply significant as Niles in this episode. If we weren"t certain before, there"s no doubt how much he loves Maris, and also the fact that their ten years together have - as you"d expect - created a a lot deeper bond than he"d realise on an average day. For all his jokes, Niles depends on Maris (and also, for that matter, on her money and position). Finding himself cut off, and also having actually to soimg.orgnfront the choice between unsensibly grovelling back to her or making a stand also, is a powerful relocate for the character - not just in terms of his partnership via Maris, however in its entirety.Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney get some wonderful soimg.orgmpany also, with Frasier and Martin having to navigate the murky waters of sustaining Niles and wanting what"s finest for him, however without making the option for him. And, to optimal it all off, the episode is repeatedly funny! A lovely and momentous action.

Rating: 91%

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