Gurov: Dmitrii Dmitwealthy Gurov is a forty-year-old man living in Moscow via his wife and family members. He is unhappy. Gurov’s wife, favored for him by his paleas, is a nuisance to him. The plenty of affairs he engperiods in are unfulfilling, causing him to take on a coldly negative check out of women. Gurov’s enrespond to through Anna in Yalta proves to be revelatory. When they component means he finds himself, for the initially time in his life, in a state of genuine lovesickness. His iciness offers method and Gurov finds himself tumbling right into new emotional depths. These advancements are, in a method, tragic because they reveal the banality and sadness of his life.

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Anna: Anna Sergeevna von Diederitz is a young woguy of twenty. Like Gurov, she is locked in an unhappy marital relationship. Her husband also is a provincial officer whose company she loathes. Feeling stifled by her life, Anna clintends to be experiencing from a condition as an excusage to visit Yalta. When Anna and also Gurov loss into an affair, Anna is stricken by feelings of guilt. Due to the fact that of the rules of Russian culture, she deems herself a “fallen woman” for having slept via Gurov. In spite of her guilt, Anna is stirred by her experiences with Gurov. When Gurov retransforms to discover Anna again, she is touched. Though the 2 lovers are doomed, she has tasted the vivacity she was seeking.

Character Analysis Instances in The Lady through the Dog:

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"Anna Sergeyevna..." See in text(Part I)

In Russian, and many various other Slavic societies, it is common to attend to someone by their initially name and also their patronymic, an indistinguishable to the American middle name, but acquired from the father"s initially name--in Anna"s case, Sergey. Interestingly, she does not tell Gurov her last name, which probably has some significance on why she has decided to accomplish through Gurov also though she is married.

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"But at eexceptionally fresh meeting..." See in text(Part I)

In this passage, Chekhov tells us more around Gurov"s cynical yet facility nature. While Gurov has learned that difficulties inevitably outcome from his affairs, he continues to forget these lessons whenever he meets a new, amazing woguy.

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"it wouldn't be amiss to make her acquaintance..." See in text(Part I)

Although Chekhov doesn’t explicitly state this, the language Gurov uses provides it clear that he not only inoften tends to have an affair with the lady, but he also doesn’t consider doing so anypoint beyond an entertaining diversion from his boredom. This statement presents Gurov as a womanizer who doesn’t consider the after-effects of his actions.