“It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever need to carry out, To look deeply into your eyes, And tell you I don’t love you.”It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever before need to do, To never before return your calls, Pretfinishing you don’t exist.It’s the hardest point I’ll ever need to execute, To turn approximately and also walk away,

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Like I’ll never before care around you.It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever before need to perform, To present no emotion, When you begin to cry.It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever need to do, To stare at your shadow, While you begin to leave me.

It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever before have to carry out, To take the course of a fool, But I guess it’s the best way…It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever before need to do, Not telling you what you mean to me, If just you might see…That my hands are tied, I cannot flee, When my heart’s not free, We’re not meant to be…

The hardest thing i"ll" ever not to execute is to tell you how good you are in composing this, Alex..good create, , hugs, Meggie

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