Awaken Reloaded is the second mixtape from Keke Palmer showcasing some of her musical direction for her follow-up album to Awaken. The maturity of the songs on the mixtape reflects exactly how Keke has grvery It was released on August 22, 2011.

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The Greatest (Diana Ross album)

The Greatest is a 2011 compilation album by sensation Diana Ross and also consists of both solo material & Supremes classics plus duets through Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles & Marvin Gaye. The album charted at #24 in the UK and also was awarded a BPI Silver disc for sales of over 60,000 copies in 2015.

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The Greatest 33

The Greatest 33 is a list of height vehicle drivers from the background of the Indianapolis 500. In 2011, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedmeans gathered a panel of media and also historians to develop 100 nominees for the best chauffeurs that have actually participated in the Indianapolis 500 from 1911 to 2010. Throughout the months leading up the race, fans were invited to vote on the best 33 among the nominees, and also the finalists were announced in the days leading as much as the 2011 race.

The selection of 33 motorists shows the typical 33 starters that make up the area for the Indianapolis 500 each year.

Selection process

Of the 732 vehicle drivers who had actually participated in the Indianapolis 500 from 1911 to 2010, a list of 100 nominees was narrowed dvery by a panel of experts. The criteria was somewhat loose, as winning the race was not necessarily a need for inclusion. Only 68 vehicle drivers have won the race, and also of those, just 57 were nominated. Other components that were weighed included: pole position winners, lap leaders, rookies of the year, individual statistical accomplishments, success of a historical nature, and also popular fixtures.


Big indicates huge or of great size.

Big or BIG may additionally refer to:

Film and also tv




Big (album)

Big is the fourth studio album by American singer and also songwriter Macy Gray, released on March 21, 2007 by Geffen Records. It is Gray"s initially studio album in four years. The album debuted at number 39 on the US Billboard 200, selling 23,000 duplicates in its initially week.

Three singles were released from the album: "Finally Made Me Happy" (a participation via Natalie Cole), "Shoo Be Doo", and "What I Gotta Do". The latter was consisted of on the Shrek the Third soundtrack. Music from this album was also featured in the I Love New York seakid one reunion. The album"s cover art was extensively portrayed on iPhone ads and also featured on the initially boxes of the iPod Touch.

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Big Two

Big Two (also as Deuces and other names, view below; Mandarin: 大老二; pinyin: dà lǎo èr; Cantonese: 鋤大D; jyutping: co4 daai6 di2) is a card game similar to the game of Asshole, Crazy Eights, Bullshit, Winner, and other shedding games. It is occasionally referred to as "Chinese poker" because of its Chinese origin and also its use of poker hands, though there is actually a different game by that name of an totally different nature. In Malta it is frequently referred to as Giappuniza or Ciniza due to its Asian beginning.


This card game has actually many kind of names, including Big Deuce, Big Two, Top Dog, "The Hannah Game" (provided in Canada), Da Lao Er (Mandarin Chinese), Sho Tai Ti, Chor Dai Di, Dai Di (Cantonese), Cap Sa (Hokkien, offered in Indonesia), and also Pusoy Dos ( Chikicha or Sikitcha in various other dialects, a Philippine variant of the game). A prevalent mistake is to confusage this game via Tien Len or Thirteen or 13 bereason these two games are actually different in the sense that Big Two entails poker hands but Tien Len does not.


"Video!" is a song by Jeff Lynne from the soundtrack to the film Electric Dreams in 1984. It is among two songs that Lynne and keyboard player Richard Tandy gave for the film"s soundtrack. The single version is 3:26 in size, while the version had in the film is much longer, at 4:18.

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The chorus of "Video!" is originally taken from the unreleased Electric Light Orchestra song "Beatles Forever", which was originally to have appeared on the album, Secret Messperiods, once it was planned to be a twin album.