In "The Magnificent Seven," Haley Bennett played the frontier womale who hires Denzel Washington to avenge her husband"s death. In "The Girl on the Train," she plays Megan, a womale through a seemingly perfect life who goes absent and also currently her husband also (Luke Evans), her neighbor and also former employer (Rebecca Ferguson), and also a voyeuristic train rider Rachel are all suspects.

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Both functions rise Bennett"s profile substantially in 2016, making her the following "one to watch" in Hollywood. The actress talked to soimg.org about her complicated character in "Train," the similarities to "Gone Girl," and shooting her new movie"s inrenowned shower scene.

soimg.org: Which was harder to film -- "Magnificent Seven" or "Girl on the Train"?

Haley Bennett: "Magnificent Seven" was a really physical function and also tright here was the majority of action and also then this is a mental thriller and also a very emotional roller coaster.

Had you check out the book?

Yes, I read the book before understanding anypoint about the film or the fact that it was a substantial phenomenon.

Did you have a fave character once you were reading it?

I think the factor I preferred the book so a lot was bereason I preferred every one of the characters. All three of the womales had strong characters and also I think I"m drawn to every one of their stories.What did you think of the comparisons to "Gone Girl?"

Obviously, it"s a female-pushed thriller much favor "Gone Girl" and there"s the title, of course. No denying that . And they both explore the underbelly of domestic life. It"s simple to draw comparisons, I liked Gillian Flynn and also I favored "Gone Girl" and also tbelow was a parallel that I could determine with, which was that Amy appeared prefer the perfect womale via the perfect life, yet in fact she was a very complicated character.

And Megan likewise looks choose she has actually the perfect life from the exterior, however she has actually many secrets.

Yeah, Megan appears to be the perfect wife and have actually the perfect life, but she has a damaging key that she"s lugged about for 10 years. She has an enormous amount of guilt and she hasn"t told a spirit her trick. Generally you deserve to tell one perkid, I can not imagine holding onto a mystery like that for so lengthy. It was shocking for me once I discovered what it was and I can"t imagine not telling anyone.

I talked to Luke previously and he shelp you both gained drunk prior to your shower scene.

There"s scenes that we filmed which were even more monitorings from Rachel"s allude of check out . So there"s a scene wright here we"re drinking wine external and we"re having actually a fire and we"re enjoying ourselves. I think it"s supposed to develop a feeling of separation between Rachel and also any type of connection she"s had actually -- develop even more of a void for her. So they"re transferring on and also enjoying each other"s firm. The set designer provided us a really nice bottle of wine. It wasn"t a scene where we really had actually to dig in, given that it was from amuch.So did you additionally have some drinks before the shower scene or is Luke wrong about that?

Oh, absolutely, it wasn"t a shower scene. We were shooting in the house and tright here was a scene that we were gaining friskies, but it was not the shower scene. No method.

Was this the first time you had actually to sexpedition down for a film? How nervous were you?

It"s a racy thriller, but many the conmessage around the nudity has extremely bit to execute via sex. Even those in scenes where she"s engaging in those activities, she sort of detached, so it"s more of a character trait than an act. The means that Megan supplies her sexuality is basically the method that Rachel provides alcohol. It"s to numb herself.

So in a method, can you watch them switching places?

Yeah, I think through any kind of addiction, it"s a device to escape fact.

In one of your nude scenes, you"re out in the pouring rain. I hope you weren"t out tright here also lengthy. I was a little worried for you.

Awww. It was an extremely emotional scene, so I didn"t really notification that I was nude.

You have an additional movie coming out this year, Warren Beatty"s "Rules Don"t Apply."

It was such a thrill to be component of that wonderful ensemble course -- I was able to sing in the movie and also just to work-related through Warren Beatty is a dream. It"s collection in the "50s, so it"s a period item and also I love the Golden Era ... this is a throwback to those movies that I love so much.

He plays Howard Hughes in the film. Is your character likewise based upon a real person?

No, she"s fictional. Her name is Mamie and it was nice because it"s a lighter character and it was a nice comparison from these a lot darker films and also characters suffering loss. It was fun to sing and also to have actually some comedic display time. And Luke got to perform a musical (2017"s "Beauty and the Beast"), which is so cool. We invested time on collection singing. We would put on little bit duets. We would sing a tiny little bit of "The Lion King" and also songs from "Beauty and also the Beast." I think that aided loosen some of the stress.

Would you also desire to be in a Disney musical?

I think they"ve all been made. They"ve remade "Cinderella," they"ve remade "Beauty and the Beast," what"s left? I think they"ve done it all. I choose animated movies a lot. I don"t recognize that any type of of the films I have actually coming out will gain me any provides to carry out those kind of movies.

Like the Terrence Malick movie, "Weightless," which I imagine is not exceptionally light.

No, not at all. It"s been quite the journey with that film. It was like five years back, as soon as we filmed it. Terrence has been a huge advocate of my career. He was responsible for obtaining Antoine Fuqua to watch me in a various light. He was generous sufficient to compose Antoine a letter of reference, I guess you might call it after we worked together. In true Malick fashion, I think it"s our obligation to protect how he prefers to work-related and to save that type of personal in a method.

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Do you have any principle what the finiburned film will look like?

Last I heard it was possibly 6 hours! He shoots most footage. He shoots all the footage and also then he takes it earlier right into the editing and enhancing room -- he"s the master.