Tate Taylor"s take on Paula Hawkins" bestseller sticks cshed to the material, with a couple of key transforms.

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“The Girl on the Train”

10.A Major New Scene Has Been Added

That’s not the only new scene that Wilkid has actually added in, as the film additionally plays house to a show-stopper of a sequence that sees an extremely drunk Rachel living it up at local bar, making a new pal and also attempting an embarrassing selfie in the bar’s bathroom. As it winds on — and her smart phone, accidentally collection to video, records what happens — it goes from a red-confronted night out to a disturbing look inside Rachel’s psyche, as she functions herself up into a rage over the points that have actually happened to her, finishing through the kind of announcement that sounds prefer a confession. When Rachel finds the video later, also she’s horrified by what she finds, and also it goes a lengthy means in the direction of convincing her that she could actually be behind Megan’s disappearance.

11. The Ending Has Been Changed (In Ways Both Big And Small)

While the conclusion of the film hewsincredibly very closely to that of the book, fans of Hawkins’ work-related will certainly alert a couple of essential alters. For one, as soon as Rachel goes to visit Megan’s grave, it’s the only one she finds — Megan’s dead baby daughter hasn’t been moved to join her, a sad omission that just even more highlights the tragedy of Megan’s life.

But that pain is rather diluted by the film’s final scene, which sees a really hopeful-looking Rachel back on the train and also speeding straight right into a new life. While the book ends withsomehope, it’s hardly this upbeat. (It’s a nice, satisfying adjust.)

“The Girl On The Train” chugs into theaters on Friday, October 7.

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