Tonight on the ABC Families their brand-new drama, THE FOSTERS returns tonight through a brand-new episode referred to as, “Don’t Let Go.” On tonight’s present Callie feels conflicted after meeting through her dad, and also she issues exactly how this will influence Jude. Elsewhere, Jesus has a hard time at school without his ADHD medication. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

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On last week’s episode a great deed puts Callie in an awkward instance with a friend. Callie uncovered a way to usage her photography abilities for a great cause, yet it unpurposely led to trouble for someone she cared about. In an effort to clear his very own conscientific research, Brandon made a deal with an unscrupulous classmate and uncovered himself in over his head. Mariana encountered the unwelcome aftermath of her stunt to earn Chase’s affection, and also tension involved a head in between Jesus and also Emma in the time of a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Stef and also Lena contemplated one more big step for their family members.

On tonight’s episode an enrespond to through her father (guest star Jamie McShane) leaves Callie conflicted about her future and also worried around the impact the reunion will certainly have on Jude. On the other hand, Jesus battles to preserve his emphasis at college without his ADHD medication, and Mariana gets an unintended invitation from Zac’s mother (guest star Romy Rosemont). Lena and also Stef pertained to a significant decision with the help of an excellent friend. The episode was directed by Zetna Fuentes with the story written by Marissa Jo Cerar and also Zoila Amelia Galeano and also the teleplay by Kelly Fullerton and Marissa Jo Cerar.

Tonight’s seaboy 1 episode 17 is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC Family’s The Fosters tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and also let us recognize what you think of The Fosters seachild 1 this year. Check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below, while you wait for the recap!

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The episode begins through Callie paying a visit to her dad to number out what he is going to say to Jude as soon as he stops by to visit him. Her dad claims that he is going to say that he wanted to wait to check out and interact via everyone once he was steady and was all set to obtain them ago. Callie is frightened by this and also as soon as she gets earlier to her residence she asks Jude how he would certainly feel if dad asked if he can acquire back custody of them. Jude responded by saying, “I don’t recognize, he is our dad”. This renders Callie nervous that one of them or even both of them might acquire hurt by having contact via their dad.

The episode proceeds through Brandon Foster at his dad’s house where he is acquiring accustomed to living via his dad Mike who is Stef’s ex-husband. He is persuaded to acquire earlier to playing the piano bereason he is extremely gifted musically. The episode then shifts over to Jesus who is having actually trouble examining and also understanding his schooloccupational, especially math, without his ADHD medication. The episode then shifts to Marianna that talks to Brandon around once he is going to relocate ago and how he likes living via his dad. After she gets confirmation that he is going to be relocating ago, she is approached by Zac’s mommy that invites her over to dinner.

On the other hand, Stef and also Lena are meeting via someone from their kid’s institution who is supplying his services to donate his sperm to Lena so she have the right to obtain pregnant. Lena seems to be really on board via this decision yet it looks like Stef has some involves even though she consents. Stef then leaves the college to go over to Mike’s house to chastise him for grounding Brandon without consulting via her initially. She reminds him that she still has custody and also requirements to be consulted at all times. The scene then shifts to Callie who is dealing with her feelings around her dad by talking to one of her friends that she knew in juvenile detention.

The episode picks earlier up through Marianna going to dinner via Zac and his mommy wbelow she learns that his mom is a little bit crazier and also a bit more forgetful than she led onto as soon as she initially met her. Zac was embarrassed around his mommy and this was the factor why he did not call her earlier that day as soon as they kissed. Brandon then consults via his dad’s girlfrifinish around their living situation wbelow he tells her that he most likely won’t be remaining right here extremely long. He would certainly like to return to his foster household. The episode then turns back to Callie wright here she revisits her dad and asks him why he abandoned her and also never wrote to her aobtain. He sassist that he felt guilty and also was afrassist that she would write ago but he earlier to support them now.

At the breakrapid table the next day, Jude states that he doesn’t desire to see his father after all, but everyone convinces him that he might regret it later on. He sassist he would certainly go if Callie goes as well, and also she agrees. Later Brandon and also Callie are talking on the beach around her and her dad and also they obtain right into an debate about why she still has actually feelings for him.

It seems that even though they aren’t in a relationship anymore that they still have actually solid feelings for one another. Later, Timothy the teacher who is giving Stef and also Lena his sperm arrives at the home to masturbate into the cup and when he is finishing the task, Jesus sees him leave the bathroom and also wonders what is going on.

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Lena and Stef then tell everyone that night around their plans to have actually a baby the natural method. The episode ends with Callie and also Jude’s dad arriving and also telling them that he loves them yet that he is signing ameans his legal rights. When asked why he states because it was the truthful thing to carry out, and also that he could never carry out for them the means that Stef and also Lena have. And this is where the episode ends with Callie and also Jude being able to be officially adopted by Stef and also Lena.