Hooray! The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 rejoined Tom Cavanagh with the role we love so a lot, albeit just a small little bit various. After all, this guy is from Earth 2, and he"s never met any of our players prior to. Before you know it, he"s insulting them choose they"re old friends.

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But Harrikid Wells is not the just doppelganger on "The Darkness and also the Light." Tbelow are devastating points going on in tvery own once Dr. Light shows up from Planet 2, as well. She deserve to harness the power of the stars. Say what?! That"s a heck of a power.

Will the feisty Flash team be able to put a soptimal to her? Will the team be in tact as the credits roll to a close? 

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The Flash Seaboy 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Cisco: Yeah, well, we"re batting a thousand also versus these breechers.Wells (E2): You"re batting a thousand, Crisco? What"s your sample size? Ten?

Added: November 03, 2015

It"s exceptionally starray to be holding your autobiography, epecially as soon as you didn"t create it, and it"s not around you.

Harrikid Wells (E2) Added: November 03, 2015




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