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1. Chapter 10 Understanding Work TeamsMULTIPLE CHOICEWhy Have Work Teams Become So Popular?1. Teams typically outperform individuals when the work being completed _____.a. call for multiple skillsb. call for judgmentc. call for competent. every one of the abovee. none of the above(d; Moderate; p. 338)2. Which of the adhering to helps explain the current popularity of teams? Teams _____.a. are simpler to manageb. are a means to better utilize employee talentsc. are less expensived. promote socializatione. are extremely efficient(b; Easy; p. 338)3. Which of the adhering to does not describe the existing popularity of teams? Teams _____.a. outperform individuals when the tasks call for multiple skillsb. allow institutions to better use employee talentsc. are a means to boost employee motivationd. enable employee independence in making operating decisionse. outperform people once the work call for experience(d; Moderate; p. 338)4. Teams mainly have actually a(n) _____ affect on employee motivation.a. inconsistentb. unknownc. positived. discouraginge. neutral(c; Moderate; p. 339)Differences Between Groups and Teams5. Which of the adhering to statements best specifies a work-related group?a. The performance of a occupational group is mostly greater than the amount of its inputs from individualmembers.b. A job-related team interacts primarily to share information, fairly than to interact in occupational thatrequires joint initiative.c. A occupational team consists of 3 or more people that take on self-supervising duties.d. A work-related team is composed of 3 or more human being from across departmental or sensible lines.e. A job-related team is a team comprised of 10 or even more people.(b; Challenging; p. 339)6. Which of the adhering to features is not found in job-related groups?a. energyb. enthusiasmc. synergyd. objectives197