In the classical film The Exorcist (1973), once specifically did Regan become possessed by the demon? What event prompted the possession, and what was the demon"s incentive for possessing her?

Was it the Ouija board? Was it something Regan did to deserve possession?

I recontact from the movie that the demon (while in Regan"s body) asks Regan"s mom Chris,

Do you understand what she did? Your cunting daughter?

Later in the movie, Chris tells one more character that Regan eliminated Mr. Dennings.

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Maybe Regan was possessed because she committed murder, although currently that I recontact, Regan killed Mr. Dennings after she ended up being possessed. So as soon as and why did the demon possess her?

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The answer for the "why" is uncovered in a scene that was reduced from the original modify of the movie, transcribed here:

Scene 232


In the dimness, Merrin and Karras lean against a wall, their encounters numb through shock as they stare at door to Regan"s room. O.S. singing continues.

KARRAS: Father, what"s going on in there? What is it? If that"s the Devil, why this girl? It renders no sense.

MERRIN: I think the point is to make us despair, Damien—to check out ourselves as pet, and also ugly—to reject our own humanity—to disapprove the opportunity that God might ever love us.

That, more than anything else, is why Regan gets possessed.

Accumulated evidence throughout the film provides clear that the demon inside Regan is a master of deception. Consider the "holy water" scene: the demon surely knows the difference in between actual holy water, and also the tap water that Karras is simply pretfinishing is holy water. Yet it chooses to react as Regan would have actually, if she was merely a mentally ill bit girl who only believed herself to be possessed, and also assumed she was splamelted with genuine holy water.

So also though it might show up that Regan is the tarobtain of the demon"s attacks, she is actually a weapon being employed versus Karras. (That"s somepoint that I believe William Peter Blatty, the author of the book, has actually declared outright in interviews.) From her mouth the demon speaks in the voices of and repeats the words of both a bum who begged Karras for help however got none, and also Karras" mom, whose current death Karras feels is due at leastern in component to his ignore. Karras" loss of confidence is much less around doubting that there is a God who might save us, and also even more about doubting whether we deserve to be conserved.

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Could the Ouija board have actually been a vital step in Regan"s possession? Perhaps. But then again, this demon is a deceiver. It pretends to Karras weaknesses and also boundaries that it does not actually have, in order to even more its game. If it picked a small girl that never did anypoint wrong to possess, then it would be obvious that the cause of the misfortune came from outside - that "bad things happen to great people". But by selecting a small girl who"s played through a soul board, it plants the seed "probably all this is happening to her bereason she carried it on herself" - that maybe poor things occur to us bereason we"re poor ourselves. Aacquire, we"ve watched the demon capable of that type of subtlety, so we have no way of knowing whether the Ouija board actually opened a door, or whether it sindicate wanted things to look that means. The demon wants us to think we deserve the poor points that occur to us, however that does not mean it"s the truth.