In the end, Anthony was rescued but Henry didn"t live to see it on The Disappearance Seachild 1 Episode 6.

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Henry took Anthony"s hope at a genuine household away from him 35 years formerly, so David, even in death, found a way to take Henry ameans from his family as well.


Did Henry, that had actually been a good male for much of his life, deserve that finish for that one horrible decision in his past?


As a prosecutor and then judge, Henry was accustomed to seeing the worst in world.

He assumed that the genes of Jachild Dodd, who had raped Maggie, would certainly cause David becoming a negative seed.

David thriving up in the home of a drug addict that ultimately overdosed certainly couldn"t have been a plus in Henry"s eyes either.

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But what about the half of David that was Maggie?

It comes down to the nature-versus-nurture argument. Would prospering up in a loving home have actually aided to curtail any type of darker impulses he may have held?

And you have to wonder about a 13-year-old boy that can sit tright here and also create a letter to his biological mommy asking to be embraced with her overdosed adopted mother dead in the following room.


It might simply be that he compartmentalizes well. It can be he was a psychocourse, as Henry kept claiming. Staging the hanging of the orphanage bully with Price says the last.

It was noticeable that David prospered as much as be incredibly smart and also made a good life for himself despite all the obstacles he had actually conquer.

He likely would have continued to be a contributing member of culture if Henry"s substantial lie hadn"t been exposed.

Henry did a horrible thing, lying to David and telling him that Maggie was dead, then letting the state take treatment of David.

But deciding whether to take in David need to have been Maggie"s call. Henry constantly described her as fragile however all the flashbacks said a strong, confident womale who had actually conquer that rape in her previous.

The truth that she had began to look for her boy that was embraced, and also met him while she was dying, reinforces that concept.


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So Henry robbed David of the chance to truly know his mom, brother, and sister. Luke and Catherine would certainly have actually liked having actually an older brvarious other to shield them from some of Henry"s crap.

 Having Henry for a father, as Luke can testify, was a combined blessing.

There"s no doubt Henry did a disastrous wrong to David, who was at that time an innocent boy in require of aid.

He was even more involved via doing what he thought was best for his nuclear family members than what would have been useful for David, that he witnessed as a reminder of what Dodd had done to Maggie.

But does that give David the right to execute what he did?

Not hardly. Not just did David kidnap his half-nephew, whom it appeared he grew to choose, yet likewise he inflicted emotional pain on his brother and sister, as well as Helen, who were collateral damages as he fired at his genuine targain, Henry.


What he did to Catherine, the a lot of innocent and also caring of the bunch, was particularly cruel, manipulating his sister"s feelings.

Granted, a component of him had involved hate Luke and also Catherine bereason they had actually obtained to be component of the family members from which Henry had excluded him.

Might Henry still be alive if he hadn"t gone rogue and shut out the police for as long as he did once everyone was closing in on Price and also Anthony?

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It"s tough to say. David had had also long to plot his revenge versus Henry.

What"s sad is that Anthony actually put himself right into David"s plan bereason of his herbal curiosity.

When he was out relooking his area for his college job, he oboffered Price mutilating and burying cats, then followed him house, breaking into that residence.

Fortunately, as soon as David came home, Anthony skittered to the basement wbelow he observed something he shouldn"t have.

David spied Anthony fleeing, caught as much as him, and also pretfinished to be a police detective to pump him for indevelopment.

Based on what Anthony told him, David altered his plan, abducting Anthony rather of Henry himself. Henry would certainly execute anypoint to gain Anthony earlier. Anything.

As, sadly, he ultimately verified, offering his life for his grandboy.

Unfortunately, the Sullivans were following the commands of a dead man for much of this episode. Only they didn"t understand that the injection David had actually offered himself on The Disappearance Seaboy 1 Episode 5 had actually killed him.

That left them through Price performing the work that David, his just frifinish, asked of him and Anthony reading the next clue to them.

In various other words, the Sullivans could have actually lugged in the police at any kind of time and also Price would have actually been none the wiser.

I"m betting that if SWAT had actually obtained tright here before the Sullivans, Henry would certainly still have been alive, sparing the family at leastern some pain.

It was Henry that had actually to deal with the clue about wright here he had actually abandoned David, reliving what would rotate out to be one of the worst decisions of his life, one that inadvertently caused his family members two years of hurt.

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Henry did what he had actually to execute to save Anthony and also passist for his sins in the end.

Both Henry and also David finished up dead however David passed away from herbal causes at leastern, the exact same cancer that took his organic mommy.

Damn, this was a gutwrenching series.

Even the villains weren"t babsence and white however instead shades of gray. Both David and also Price were abandoned by society, and also the Sullivans ended up paying for that.

To follow the narrative aobtain, watch The Disappearance virtual.

Did Henry deserve to die?

Did you feel negative for David at all?

Will Anthony bounce ago after all he"s been through?

Comment below.

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