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Like the title states. Throughout really low bass moments I always hear rattling coming from my basement home windows. Upon better investigation I watch that it is the slats in in between the panes of glass that are leading to the rattle.Due to the fact that I can not really fix that short of getting brand-new windows does anyone have any kind of suggestions on how to dampen the bass hitting the windows?I have heavy theater curtains spanning the home windows and also bass traps in the corners through GIK panels on the walls currently.I was thinking of buying some OC703 insulation (4 inches thick?) and also spanning that through cloth - sort of choose a big pillow and also stuffing that right into the window opening. Would that be efficient in dampening the bass from getting to the window?Any various other suggestions would certainly be much appreciated.
Try a passage that causes the window to rattle, and then throughout that passage attempt pushing on various components of the window glass and also frame and also view if it stops rattling. That"s the only point that will really sheight the rattle, IMO.

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Modern windows usually are a single item of glass. To make them look favor old fashioned windows via separate panes, they use a wooden or plastic grid that fits over the home window. That is probably what rattles. Often those deserve to be rerelocated. If not, you might slip thin pieces cardboard of foam insulation beneath them to dampen the rattling.

Thanks for the connect Tom. those inserts look exceptionally promising. Any principle what they would price aproximately?
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These look favor a good idea.I made my own. I think the vital is to obtain a firm call with the glass pane, and also acquire lots of insulation between the outside (theater side) and the glass pane.I supplied a item for towel on the window pane, a piece of styrofoam, then a piece of MDF to make my plug . then I spanned the whole point through another piece of styrofoam and also MDF.Mass commonly equates to sound attentuation. YMMVBest,TomChinaclipper
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